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Thread: Best nappies for a slim toddler?

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    Best nappies for a slim toddler?

    Hello everyone!

    Had to make a new account as I've not been on for so long... but I need help from the hive mind of PF!

    Henrietta is 16 months old, and only weighs 18lbs. She is a dot and really slim, we are currently using Aldi own brand size 4 nappies but they gape on her legs and we keep getting leaks.

    Any suggestions of other brands we could try, if you too have a skinny tot!

    Thanks all,


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    My little girls 23 months and tiny I find boots nappies good any Sainsburys
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    My one is slim and we've always used pampers.

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    Brill, thanks for the replies! I have a Sainsbury's nearby, so I'll try those first.

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    Best nappies for a slim toddler?

    Ohh heyyy
    I found kiddicare ones were really good x

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