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Thread: 28 month old not talking to other children

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    28 month old not talking to other children

    Hi all,
    At what age do children start to play with other children?
    I was speaking to Lily's keyworker at preschool when I picked her up about an unrelated issue and asked how Lily is doing and she said the only concern she has is that shes not yet talking with the other children. She'll happily play beside them and talk to the adults though. They said they'll work with her on ut as it might be as shes an only child and only goes preschool 2 mornings a week. We dont really see any other children through the week, if i get a chance to go a group then she just plays beside the children. Speech is fine, great imagination, talks easily to adults. Do i need to worry yet x
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    No I dont think so. My DD until about 33mths was presumed to be mute by all the playgroup workers who saw her regularly! She didn't particularly talk to anyone except her immediate family and childminder. Now they've realised what a chatterbox she is and I love seeing her talk directly to the childminders other mindees who she now sees regularly (but the weren't there previously)

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    Ask them if they will share her tracker with you. They'll likely be using Early Years Outcomes or Development Matters to track their children so you can have a look yourself at the kinds of things expected in each age group.

    From Early Years Outcomes:

    'Interested in others play and starting to join in' falls under the 22-36 months bracket (normal development would be any time before 36 but as it's not meant to be used as a tick list, fulfilling this criteria after 36 months doesn't necessarily indicate an issue.)

    'Can play in a group, elaborating and extending ideas' is 30-50 months.

    'Plays alongside others' (parallel play no specific interaction' is expected between 16-26 months.

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