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Thread: I really need advice or tips to stop breastfeeding my 16mth old....

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    As I said, Peter is generally fine as long as I'm not around. As soon as I'm around he wants feeding. I just don't go into him at all if Ive had a drink, hubby deals with him completely. But yeah, it helps that he's in his own room.

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    Just scrolling through and spotted this thread. I was wanting to stop bfíing ds2 at 16 months and actually didnít stop until 26 months 🤨 by then it was so easily done.

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    What age is ideal generally? I'm curious.
    I remember an episode of sex and the city where the girls went to a baby shower and one of the mums was breast feeding and Miranda piped up "if you're old enough to ask for it you're probably too old to have it"
    Then there's the very uncomfortable scene to watch in game of thrones with Cat Starks sister still feeding her 10 year old son.

    I'm going to breast feed my new baby but didn't breast feed my first because as you can see from above I know absolutely nothing about breast feeding other than TV references. I got in touch with an NHS programme to get some tips and they emailed me to say funds were so low that I had to be referred to them for advice by a medical professional after I've given birth and only if I'm struggling

    The whole thing is swaying me to formula
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    You should be able to find a breastfeeding clinic in your area. It may be staffed by volunteers, but they are so helpful.
    Thatís dreadful that you couldnít get help beforehand though.
    At the hospital they should have feeding specialists you can talk to.
    Also, look at Facebook if youíre in it, there are lots of breastfeeding groups.

    If you ask in here youíll find that people breastfeed for as little as a few days to a few years. Itís whatever is right for you really.

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    Mrsc1983m, I didn't know anything about breast feeding either when I had my all honesty I'd never even held a baby before!

    In those days there seemed to be a lot more help and support there readily at the hospital - they even had a bf support centre you could walk to from the ward and they kept in touch once you left the hospital. As I found when I ran into problems with Eira, it is still out there though it seems you have to do more looking to find it which I always like to rant about. I had quite a bit of support at the maternity centre where I went for checks/ weights etc before we were discharged - I'd phone and I was able to go in though I shall add it was a 30 mile round trip! I saw a lovely bf specialist when I didn't think we could continue - she was so good, without her I would have given up! I belong to a great facebook group now as I'm still feeding Nerissa and there's loads of advice, though this one is for older babies/ toddlers I'm positive there are plenty of others. Also sometimes at the baby clinics they have volunteer breast feeding counsellors here, would definitely be worth speaking to your health visitor.

    Good luck with it all and if you need any advice on here I'm just into my 10th year of breast feeding
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    26 months of bf.. wow Claire. Respect!
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    The ideal age is so individual. I breastfed the girls till they weaned themselves off, so 22 mths with S and 4yrs and 2 mths with C. Am still feeding K, heís now 26 mths.

    antenatal is the best time to start getting support and information together. Here has always helped me, there should be a la ledge league support gp locally. What area do you live in?

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