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Thread: June/July 2017 Mummies!!

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    June/July 2017 Mummies!!

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    Welcome to the June/July thread & congratulations!

    28th sarafet arrived June 1st
    29th EmmieChan arrived may 30th

    4th Sammi arrived June 3rd
    9th Katie arrived June 1st
    ❤️Jelly Bear
    22nd Pattiamy arrived June 16th
    22nd CantonaSeven
    24th skinnycaramel baby boy arrived June 19th
    26th Twinkles

    4th Mrs Geek
    13th Treacle
    31st CheeseandPickle

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    how are you feeling? Have you been to see the mw yet?

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    I have a dr appointment on Friday and then midwife appointment when I'm 10weeks. That's what the receptionist said.

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    shouldn't the thread title be 2017? unless you are going back in time?? hehe. congrats all of you xx

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    Haha yes!

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    Ooh exciting emmie, I'm not sure when to go. Might ring up next week & see what they say xx

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    Ohhh congratulations guys!

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    Thanks Lil

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    Thank lil.

    Pattiamy- I think I rang about a week after finding out.

    I need to tell my work place soon as you have to do it as soon find out. G works on security there and my mum works on a different shift. Obviously there is confidentiality but I'm worried that if I tell work something might get slipped to my mum so I feel like I need to tell her soon. Which I'm not looking forward too. I know she won't be happy and will be a bit judgy about it. I think I'll speak to G about it when he's up later (he's on nights so is asleep now)

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    I'm dreading telling work. I told them at around 6 weeks last time & it had reached the district manager 2 seconds after I left the room & got round to the other stores about an hour later I don't think I'll tell them for a while. I'm on light duty permanently anyway due to my back.
    Fingers crossed your mum reacts better than you hope x

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    Last time I told work they did keep it private so I think they would this time. I think if I keep from my mum she'd be upset not just about the unplanned pregnancy but also feel like I didn't trust her or something

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    I'm going to the dr tomorrow and then I'll wait for my midwife appointment and scan date. I'll tell work sometime in the next week or so, but only because I'm a nurse and they probably need to know for risk assessments and all that jazz. So far, I'm feeling great, just a little bloating. How is everyone else doing? Xx

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    June/July 2017 mummy's!!

    A teeny but nauseous (especially when I'm in cold - same as last time) knackered already & really bloated here!
    Thankfully I only work one day a week at the moment so it's only really 31 shifts til I leave lol (I get 5 weeks holiday so will use that & then have mat leave start at 39 weeks)
    My supervisor knows but only because she's a really good friend & she's ttc too
    We're keeping it quiet from our families until 12 weeks, I'm expecting MIL to go off on one xx

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    I've had a lot of nausea, cramping and a few dizzy spells. Tired a lot too. Doesn't help that I woke up with a cold/sore throat yesterday.
    I only work one day week too and get 5 weeks holiday too. So I think I'll arrange to take them at the start maternity leave.

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