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Thread: Complaint to HMRC - Tax Credits

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    Complaint to HMRC - Tax Credits

    Has anyone ever made a complaint to HMRC?

    Ive been claiming Child Tax Credit since Sept last year and did my first renewal in April/May whenever it was due.

    I got a letter at the end of June saying my claim was under review with Concentrix (theyve been in the news a lot recently about how **** they are) and that I needed to send in 12 months worth of Nursery Invoices. I sent them the first week of July and I'm still waiting for it to get sorted now.

    I rang them in Aug and they confirmed they had received the invoices but it hadnt been looked at.
    I called HMRC yesterday to say my circumstances had now changed (my daughter started school this week) and I was no longer paying for childcare. HMRC said they couldn't update anything because Concentrix hadn't finished their review yet.

    Called Concentrix straight afterwards only to be told again that still no-one had looked at my review.

    Im fortunate that my tax credits haven't been stopped and if my circumstances hadnt changed I really wouldnt care but now I'm in a situation where I'm going to be overpaid from them. It's so frustrating, I can see whats going to happen and there's nothing I can do about it.

    I could put the money aside but I have no idea how much (if anything) I would now be entitled to claim. I did the online calculator which suggested I'd still be entitled to half of what I get now a month but you just never know.

    So I'm going to write a letter of complaint but I just wondered if anyone had any experience of what they are like to deal with or any advice they can give me?
    I found a facebook group but it was really just people who have had their tax credits stopped so not really anything covering my situation.

    Thanks x
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    They're awful people bex. Like I said on hana's fb status, I've had 2 really bad dealings with them. They're a bunch of government fraudsters paid to hit targets and try to save money by stopping people's claims unfairly.
    And it's really frustrating that you're gonna be overpaid when you're trying to update your new circumstances with them. A friend of mine is in a court battle at the moment over 7k over payment because concentrix didn't do what they were supposed to do and even though she has the recordings from all of her phonecalls with them they are refusing to budge.
    I don't have any advice really, you just have my sympathy cos they really are arseholes x

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    I made a complaint about a year ago, they randomly stopped making payments to me and didn't tell me why (everything had been renewed and nothing had changed etc) and when I contacted them I was told to speak to concentrix and greeted by a very VERY horrible person on the phone who was very unhelpful and not at all nice as they "never stop payment without a real reason, I must be under fraud investigations" (I wasn't). I asked for the persons name and made a complaint directly towards her and how she spoke to me, but also how they hadn't contacted me to let me know of any problem, even though there wasn't one. I never got any reply other than to be told the person I was complaining about did not exist.
    I would have taken it further but it was when I was pretty ill and I became very over paranoid that they'd stop my payments altogether if I did. They are real nasty pieces of work.
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    Argh this really worries me! I've put off claiming for ages as I was worried. Finally done it and had first payment but will have to update them monthly due to OHs changing hours. Really really hope they don't screw us over at some point.

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    Ive just emailed a couple of HMRC people directly and also my local MP. No idea if that will help at all though! Xx

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    i've been in the situation of not being able to update due to being under review, but not where i'm piling up overpayments. I guess you could put aside the amount your childcare would cost (as per on your invoices), if its only the childcare element that has changed in your situation.
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    Complaint to HMRC - Tax Credits

    I havent been overpaid yet as my next payment isnt due for 3 weeks but if that gets paid as normal then that will most likely be too much.
    I assumed I wouldnt be due any further payments as I thought the amount I was getting was purely just for childcare. It's only because my mum suggested doing the calculator online again that it came out with an amount still based on my updated circumstances.
    I'm def going to put some of it aside but I have no idea how much. The calculators are only an approx amount and **** knows how accurate they are. Xx

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    Yes. Not to Concentrix as they weren't involved but HMRC for maladministration. Got me nowhere but they gave me 10 years to pay off the over payment they'd made as I made a fuss at them paying back more than 20 a month which apparently was a big deal as they don't normally allow it. I also made a complaint when one of their advisers called me stupid as I asked for help filling in the paperwork going from a joint to a single claim (was a traumatic time anyway!) Apparently it's the only phone call they hadn't recorded so they couldn't do anything. Bull****! 😠

    Feel sorry for those that have been targeted by Concentrix as that sounds like another level of hell and uselessness! 😐

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    Thanks Julie. Its HMRC that I have to complain to apparently rather than Concentrix themselves.
    I know last night they said they werent renewing their contract next year and its been discussed in parliment today. Xx

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    Never been in the situation but if it helps knowing how much to put aside when ever ive used the calculator I've alway used the exact figures for income and it's alway said the exact amount that we've been awarded.

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    Thanks Kidston. This is all very new to me. Ive only been claiming tax credits since the middle of last year. This is my first renewal and this happens! Xx

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    Finally got through to Concentrix just now. Been trying all day, the woman said she's going to pass it to the childcare team today and I should get a letter within 3-4 working days. Xx

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    It took 4 months for.our childcare review!

    Hope it's all sorted for you

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    I wish you luck Becky but am not sure you'll get anywhere with your complaint (sadly). I work with Advisors who help people claim multiple benefits (inc. TC) and the stories I could tell you about HMRC and Concentrix would make your hair curl - its absolutely outrageous.
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    Complaint to HMRC - Tax Credits

    Thanks Sarah & Valentine.

    Just checked the HMRC app and where it was previously saying 'i'm sorry there is nothing to display at this time' - its now showing an actual amount and my next scheduled payment date in Oct.

    The amount showing is higher than it should be moving forwards so maybe they've finally looked at and closed my review due to my phonecall earlier today but not updated the fact my childcare has now stopped.

    Going to wait for the letter the lady said I'd get in 3/4 days and then ring HMRC to update again. Here's hoping the app update is a positive sign its moving in the right direction. Xx

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