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Thread: Complaint to HMRC - Tax Credits

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    hope its sorted .gov that deal with any benefits are sooooooooo slow x

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    Eurgh. Concentrix suck. They randomly decided my claim was inaccurate. I provided them with a million bits of paper. Paid 12 to get it to them special delivery (bank statements etc so wanted it to be safe) and surprise surprise our claim was fine and no different.
    My friend has the same. They suddenly decided her husband must be living with her even though he'd never lived at that address with her (split years ago) and she had to prove she was single.

    If it's still not sorted try your MP. Mine sped up a housing benefit issue I had.

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    I have tried twice with them direct not concentrix but got nowhere. It put me in a mess both have times. This concentrix sounds awful. I had never heard of them til this thread
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    I got a letter this morning which looks like theyve passed my case back to HMRC. They said they aim to get a response to me by the 5th Oct. Guess thats progress? Xx

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    Concentrix are a shower of PISH. They're based in Belfast so I'll happily bomb their call centre for you.

    Hmrc also haven't renewed their contract either so fortunately others in the future won't have to deal with their COMPLETE USELESSNESS.

    Seriously round here their name is mud. Fcuking shower of cnuts

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    Well the plot thickens. I used HMRC's live chat this morning to see if they could tell me if Concentrix had passed my case back to them. They said no & I still had to talk to Concentrix. They had no idea what this letter was.
    So I googled the department and they deal directly with MP's offices. I contacted my MP last week and he's responded to me so I think perhaps he's contacted them on my behalf. He's asked me to go for a meeting on Wed so I'm going to go to that and see what comes from that. Xx

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    When does their contract end? x
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    May 2017 x

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    lets hope they cant take on many more cases in that time x
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    As far as I'm aware they wont be taking any new cases on and HMRC have given them 150 staff to help clear the cases they do have xx

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    Good news (I hope)! Spoke with HMRC today on their online chat. They've confirmed Concentrix have closed my case. Woohoo.
    They said they've got a note of my childcare ending 12th Sept and they will recalculate my entitlement on 1st Oct. They said they leave it a few weeks after the childcare ends just incase of any additional costs.
    Apparently it takes approx 48hrs to recalculate so I should get a letter from them the first week of Oct just confirming my new entitlement moving forwards but he said he think it will be approx half of what I was getting.

    Will wait until it's all finalised then decide if it's worth putting a complaint in or not. Xx

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    I just dont know what the point will be. I'm not looking to gain anything, I just wanted my tax credits sorted which hopefully they are now. I would do it just to let them know how **** Concentrix are but they clearly do already know so again no point really. Xx

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