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Thread: That question, again... How many will I need?!

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    That question, again... How many will I need?!

    I know I know, it's always asked! And I really should know... But my brain will not let me think back to Ells and Flo as newborns with enough detail to work on out myself

    I have -
    20 size 1/small nappies that are pockets or AIOs
    10 size 1 LL 2 parters
    3 'night nappies' (TB bamboozle stretchies).
    3 LL wraps
    3 Riki Motherease wraps
    10 bamboo boosters

    A total of 33 nappies/6 wraps

    I'm planning to add -
    3 more bamboozle stretchies
    10 more bamboo boosters
    10 size 1 prefolds

    Bringing to about 46 nappies for a newborn, and 6 wraps.

    I also have on top of that a ridiculous amount of BTP nappies. I'm talking easily 40+. Mainly cheapies from Flo. But a few Easyfits and Close Parent Pop ins too.

    I don't really want to use the BTP until baby is quite a bit bigger tbh. But they're there as a back up. And once I get a feeling for which nappies suit this baby best, I'll purchase a few more.

    But do you think that's enough to really start with? To do us at least a few weeks until I know what we're getting on with? Planning on washing when the bucket is full probably daily to start with but hoping to get to every other day quite quickly tbh...

    Anything I've forgotten?!?!

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    that all sounds great i cant even cast my mind back 1 year tbh i am sure someone will have more ideas than me but that all sounds

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