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Thread: Tax Credits Reduced?

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    Tax Credits Reduced?

    Hi just a quick question, I've just had my renewal back and my final decision paper and its 50 a week less now. That's child tax credits and working tax combined. I went back to work in October and I'm sure I phoned up to say so but they've had me as working 30hrs since then still the same as my "working" on maternity. I only work 16 hours a week. So am I right that now I'm working less and earning less i get less help? Seems a bit backwards to me! I also owe 300 alongside my gas bill randomly going up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Life yay x
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    Ive no idea hun. I only started getting child tax credits in Sept last year so I did my first renewal a few weeks ago.
    They wrote to me and asked for 12months worth of nursery invoices so I sent them off a week ago. Makes me nervous though like I've filled it out wrong or something!

    Can you give them a quick ring? Xx

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    You will probably get another letter with your update on and new payments emsie.

    Becky, I had to do that too
    It's like a spot check to make sure it's in order. Don't worry

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    Are you a single parent? Working tax is from 16 hours when single or 24 when part of a couple, is it possible your no longer entitled to wtc with the lower working hours?

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    I've had the letter with first new payments on and it's totalling 50 less a week Slinky 😔 I'm a single parent yep so thought my 16 hours would be fine! I'm just so confused how it all works. Assuming that I was getting more than I should have done anyway with owing money x
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    But in the section for 2017-18 it's 30 more a week again?! I don't get it 😂 x
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    Tax Credits Reduced?

    Maybe they are taking 50 a week out to pay back the 300 you were overpaid. Then by 2017 that will be done & you'll be getting the correct amount again xx
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    Wss a have heard a lot of people losing a lot of money in the run up to renewal it seems to be the new way to take back overpayments to avoid you owing them next year.

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