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Thread: 8 years on from tiny beginnings.

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    8 years on from tiny beginnings.

    Hello lovely ladies,

    I was fondly thinking of this brilliant forum and how much warmth I felt here during every stage of becoming a Mum. But I was most reflective recently when my son Austin turned 8. I was thunderstruck by the memory of his tiny transparent body weighing just 2pounds 2 having arrived suddenly without warning 9 weeks early. I vividly remember the feeling that you are living in a bubble outside of the normal world, where all you think about all day and all night is where is my baby, not in my tummy and not in my arms and will he be okay? There was someone in even more of a struggle than me, a beautiful mum who's baby Tate had arrived a full 3 months early and although by the time Austin arrived Tate had been in hospital 4 weeks, he and Austin were bedside neighbours. I know how impossible it is to imagine your child being completely at pace with their peers but they can do anything. Here is Austin In his 'Black Hole' video lecture aged 6. So if anyone tries to tell you preemie babies may struggle you can tell them where to go! Best wishes and lots of love in this very difficult time. I know my story has a happy ending but please may I send absolute respect and love to those struggling in situations I was fortunate no to have to bear! With love and best wishes Becs xx

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    This is a bit wonderful and brought a tear to my eye, thanks for sharing. Your little boy is fabulous, and I must say I learnt a lot from his lecture I'm so glad everything worked out for you. He's amazing!

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    My son was 10 weeks early and had meningitis at 3 weeks old and septicaemia at 16 weeks old. I nearly lost him 3 times.

    He is now 5 and a very bright boy. He is ahead of his class in reading and maths.

    You never think it's possible do you?

    Your son is amazing as are all preemies xx

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