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Thread: December 2016 & January 2017 babies

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    talking of long babies! Shes on the 98th centile for weight and length. Shes 59cm long. i said to hv shes needing 3-6 months clothes in some things and she said they start at 60cm for 3-6 so that will be why. Shes 7 weeks on Wednesday. 14lb 11.

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    Handsdown have you seen the baby bouncer that puts them on their tummy but not flat? its ment to be great for reflux babies. Its babocush the brand ive seen.

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    Awww Imogen grew out of her moses at about 4 weeks haha.
    Imogen has reflux and is on anti reflux milk and ranitidine now.
    Had first jabs today xx

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    Oh my that babocush looks a total lifesaver! Xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp1993x View Post
    Oh my that babocush looks a total lifesaver! Xx

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    Ive seen them on ebay and shpock before now too. It definitely looks amazing, a total game changer for refulx etc. Im glad its not just my baby thats grown so fast then! I need to book her first jabs, i didn't know i had to book them until my hv came! I was waiting for a letter 🙈 she told me about this new one (new to me since ds jabs 5 years a go) where you have to take calpol with you to the appointment and they have it straight after the jab then a few doses again as they get a temperature with it. Dono how many weeks that jab is, any idea?

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    It'z the meningitis jab and they do it at the same time as the normal 8 week ones .
    Apparently half of babies get a temp from it s the calpols to try prevent it . Imogen didnt get a temp xx

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    Oh wow I last got Neve weighed at 3 months and she was 10lb5 she's so tiny still. They have men b at first jabs and last jabs Neve got a temp with hers but was fine. We both have colds st the moment but the calpol diffuser seems to be really helping her and she's sleeping pretty well. Haven't had chance to get on much as been busy with buying and selling houses we are hopefully moving end of April to excited to have more space for the girls. Hope everyone's doing ok all the baby's look so cute
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    Oh best of luck with the house move! Im not looking forward to the jabs. Hope you get rid of your colds asap. 😀

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    Imogen got weighed at 7 weeks and 10lb 12 haha.

    Good luck with the house move xxx

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    Both my baby's have been small and I always thought I would have big baby's as I'm pretty tall
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    I'm only 5 foot 2 haha! Xx

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    I think Imogen was 59 cm at 7 weeks lol xx

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    Sophie88- Wow she is long! Won't be long until she's too big for the moses basket.
    I have seen the babocush but wasn't sure if she'd like it.

    mp1993- I'm really pleased Imogen was ok after her jabs. I took Tess for her second set today and she seems fine.�� I spoke to the nurse about the next set and whether we could do the men b separately (as T was pretty poorly after her first set). She said that should be fine. Apparently it's not the vaccine itself that causes the fever. It the fact it's given at the same time as the 5 in 1 vaccine.

    Ellie88- Neve must be a little dot.�� Hope the house move goes well.

    Tess was weighed again yesterday and has dropped another centile. The health visitor says she isn't too concerned but I'm getting worried now as she's gone from between the 91st and 98th centile at birth to the 25th at 12 weeks. She's ebf on demand (usually every 2-3 hours in the day and two night feeds). I can't help but feeling it's my fault somehow that she's not gaining well but not sure what else I can do. I have tried offering more often but she just screams at my boob! The health visitor is going to weigh her again in two weeks and has said she'll do her length as well. She said it's more of a concern if the weight and length don't match up on the centiles. I'm fairly sure her length is on a higher centile as she fits comfortably in 3-6 clothes so isn't small. Tess seems ok though and is feeding well now I'm on the dairy and soya free diet. She is no longer showing any signs of reflux (reflux can be a symptom of a cmpa). We get plenty of wet and dirty nappies. Maybe she was just meant to be small like her sister? It's all such a worry.
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    Hope everyone is well.

    Just a quick update. We had our first paediatrician appointment yesterday who confirmed a diagnosis of a Cows Milk Protein Allergy and reflux. She prescribed different meds that reduce stomach acid rather than neutralise it so hoping that helps. She wants to see her again in 4 weeks to see how we're getting on. just waiting for the dietitian appointment now.x

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    Glad you have a diagnosis and hope the meds help to improve things soon hun.

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