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Thread: Adding Lilypie Tickers tutorial

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    Adding Lilypie Tickers tutorial

    We seem to have a bit of a problem adding Lilypie tickers but there's a trick to it:

    1) Copy your code from Lilypie by choosing this option and copying the text

    2) On the forum select "forum" from the top bar, "forum actions" and then "edit profile".

    3) In "my settings" on the left hand side of the page, select "edit signature"

    4) Paste your ticker code into the box and then click on "save signature" under the box.

    5) At this point your signature might save or it might get a "font not allowed" message (I can't seem to recreate this error so if anyone can printscreen this it would be great!) When this happens go back and do the last step again, click on the A/A icon highlighted in blue in the last screenshot (top left) to switch to editor mode and delete any extra code that has appeared. It's usually marked as font. Just delete anything with the word font and the brackets that surround it and then save your signature again.
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    You are an angel, thank you so much 😘😘😘

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    Yay! Glad it worked!
    Mummy to two girlies aged 6 and 7

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    You're a genius, thank you! My tickers are updated 😊🎉🍾

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    Thanks for your help! The font thing has been bugging me for ages, and I only just thought to check here x

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    Can anyone help please - I'm trying to add a Lilly pie ticket and it is saying BB code font is not allowed and I've followed OP instructions on how to make it work but when I copy and paste the link there's nothing that says font in it for me to delete

    The ticket is showing in the signature as I'm editing but not when I save ��
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