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Thread: Multiple MATB1 forms?

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    Multiple MATB1 forms?

    I work and study so need to provide the MATB1 form to work and uni and possibly to the bursary people. I asked my midwife if I'd need multiple copies but she didn't know! Has anyone had to show it to multiple organisations and if so were you allowed more than one? Thanks

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    Photocopies are normally good enough. My understanding is that you can only get one (you can't even get another if you lose it).

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    I'm a midwife and we are strictly told to only give out one matb1. And that's been the same everywhere I've worked. I would take it to your work and ask them to copy it and return it to you as you'll need it for uni. Take it to uni and ask them to do the same so then you have it if you need to send to bursary people

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    Yep same as catch. Copies are acceptable evidence.

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    Thanks for your help 😊

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