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Thread: Not going back to work after maternity.

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    Not going back to work after maternity.

    So I decided long ago that I wasn't going back to my job after maternity. I will go back to work just not where I am There's no maternity perks just SMP. I was wondering if I didn't go back would I owe any of that SMP back?
    Also if I get another job before the SMP is up do I just notify my current place so they can stop the SMP payments? Xx

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    Just saw this

    I didn't go back, but my contact ended so I'm not sure it's the same.

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    thanks for that Cass. xx

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    I've just handed my notice in (my year would have been up September 1st) and I haven't had to pay anything back, I only got smp. However, because I handed in my notice right at the end of my leave, they did owe me 25 days in holiday so I'm getting that paid to me at my usual rate x

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    And yes, if you get another job before you've had all the smp you're entitled to, just hand your notice in and the payments will stop. Make sure you do it within your notice period though. Otherwise you may end up owing them something x

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