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Thread: Failure to labour? *Update Number 3*

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    Failure to labour? *Update Number 3*

    Update 3 - pregnancy number 3 & here we are again. Overdue with zero labour signs. 41 weeks exactly. There is something wrong with me. I don't think I produce the hormone to get me going, or my husband's theory is that I eat faaaar too much cake & the baby knows it's on to a good thing & doesn't want to leave my dining cart. Either way, it's bewildering. Induction booked for next week.....

    **Update number 2 - So I went to the hospital on monday afternoon. They were concerned as there was protein +++ in my urine sample and my blood pressure was raised slightly. Doctor made a bit of a song & dance about it and was throwing pre-eclampsia about & even went as far to say that "mothers and babies and died of this country". Anyway I said I would rather come back the next day to be retested, I felt that my sample was compromised because I was very dehydrated and I only had my BP checked once & it wasn't that high but it "was the combined two" that had them concerned. She wanted me in at 8pm for induction. I said no, I would come back tomorrow. At this point she said she wanted a blood test, which would show how "high risk" the pregnancy now was. Cue a few hours later and the blood tests came back all clear (albeit I am anaemic). A different doctor said my BP wasn't dangerously high & that she would like me back the next day to check protein & BP. She asked why I was against induction, my hubby pointed out that as well as the increased risks my experience last time had put me off. Essentially him being made to go home & me going into early labour, waters breaking & not being moved into labour ward as no space all on my own. As a ftm it was a really lonely situation. Doctor said the situation has changed & partners can stay, which made me feel marginally better about the whole thing.

    Went back yesterday, BP was tested 3 times over 15min intervals and is absolutely perfect. No protein in urine (I had made sure I was well hydrated). They offered me a sweep which I accepted. Cervix was still thick but she got a finger in somewhere. Evidently I have no baby, so it hasn't worked They booked my induction for Monday (40+12). But when we started asking some questions found out that I need to go in at 8pm and hubby will be kicked out till morning/until i reach labour ward. I think the worst part was when she said "but as you know you may need to wait for a space on labour, as priority is given to women in spontaneous labour " - that was a real kick in the stones. Yes, I remember being left writhing on a bed in pre-natal & asking for G&A and told I couldn't have anything till I got to labour. Alone.

    So I have no further midwife appointments booked and this induction booked for monday pm. I honestly don't know where to go from here. Really feeling pressured from medical and family to accept the induction. I was thinking of calling my midwife and trying to reschedule induction for wednesday Pm and have her give me a sweep on Wednesday morning in a last ditch attempt to go on my own**

    ** Just an update: So I am now two days overdue. Saw my midwife on Wednesday & she offered me a sweep which I declined (I was only term that day) & also started mentioning booking induction. I told her I would be declining & unfortunately doesn't seem to be supportive of that decision. She insisted that I see the consultant at the hospital to "discuss the evidence based practice of induction" & has booked an appointment for Monday (jumping the gun no?).

    Ive had a little go at encouraging baby. Ate a hot curry yesterday, hoovered on all fours (this was mostly to try & move baby from being back to back), went a nice walk with the dogs today. I've got a birthing ball so planning on some bouncing & I might seduce hubby tonight lol! I have had braxton hicks but they are extremely short & don't last long at all. Bump still looks high up.

    So yeah I'm still pretty relaxed at the minute but I can't help but think there's just something wrong with me & my body doesn't go into labour naturally but I guess time is going to tell. But how long should I hold out for? **

    Is this a thing? With my dd I was induced due to being overdue. They told me her head was really high up & my cervix was tighter than a knatts chuff but in actual fact the 1st pessary worked within 20mins, although at some point I did end up with the drip.

    Anyway ive been feeling really relaxed about going into spontaneous labour & even better that I've decided to decline induction if I go over. But just over the last few days those feelings of "crap this baby won't come on her own" have started setting in. Friends had their first baby today & even though she was overdue she went into labour naturally. Its a bit de ja vu from last time with everyone popping & me not going myself. Surely baby would need to make an appearance at some point? I mean a pregnancy can't just go on & on can it?

    Its probably not helped by the fact that my hubby doesn't get my reluctance to be induced. Our last conversation about it went like:
    me: I'm not being induced, baby has to come at some point
    him: but you can only hold out so long
    me: no I'm just going to wait, I mean what did they do a 100 years ago when there was no medical way of inducing women?
    Him: loads of women & babies died

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    I have no idea. With my dd I felt like I'd never go into labour, I didn't even feel pregnant. She was 4 days over and labour started an hour after after curry, pineapple, a hot bath and sex. Don't stress as I'm sure that makes things worse, and don't have it in your kind that you 'can't' go into labour - mind over matter. How overdue are you?

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    I'm not even overdue, I still have two weeks till due date. I tried everything last time, all the old/new tricks. I wasn't planning on doing anything this time as I really believe they come when they are ready. I'm trying to remain relaxed ��
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    Yes baby will come when ready and they can monitor baby past 42 weeks if she hasn't appeared to make sure she's doing okay. She might surprise you and come much earlier!

    I may not be remembering this right but I think suzieandhergirls went over and wasn't induced and baby came fine!
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    It sounds like it didn't take much to convince your body to go in to labour so you must have been really close.
    Apparently there's a facebook group called "10month mamas" or similar, as some women do go beyond 42 weeks. In fact lately I've been surprised by the number of babies that come naturally after 42 weeks. Of course there'd probably be extra pressure from midwives as they have their protocols to follow, and for a reason, but they can keep monitoring you. Trust your body DL, it knows what it is doing.
    BTW my experience last time was similar-ish to you - I was induced with a pessary after prolonged rupture of membranes with no labour starting naturally and got induced after almost 48 hours, but some places let you go to 96 hours and I hear some women do labour naturally then if left to it - but anyway in my case I went in to labour pretty quickly after the pessary so I reckon my body was pretty much there ready to go.
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    i refused induction. each baby came spontaneously and quickly without interference. first 13 days past due, then 3, the last at 18 days over. they come when theyre ready. if something was preventing labour (like transverse baby or awkward position) a scan would pick that up. use spinning babies to fo what you can to encourage optimal positioning and keep the faith. instincts are good. so long as babys moving and you're well, why rush??

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    Meeeee yup meeeeee 1st was +10, 2nd was +3 and 3rd was +13! They wanted to induce me at +12 and had offered it earlier too due to my 'giant' baby. She was 7lb 13oz. My smallest!

    I told them I didn't want induction at any stage. They offered me monitoring at +18 and told me to let them know if movements changed or slowed - which I would have anyway. I trusted my body to do it when needed. It was hard being so overdue. But worth it x
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    I went into labour naturally at +15ish (eventually born +18). I needed the drip in the end (as I wasn't progressing, there was meconium and some foetal distress) but I still felt better knowing she had shown signs of wanting to come out!
    I was to go in for daily monitoring after +14 but I was fine with that.

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    I was induced with Evie and she was born +15, I discussed declining induction but they were hellbent on talking me out of it. I felt pressured into going in for the pessary but tried loads to get labour going myself.

    With Travis I was really relaxed, I did nothing really but had sex at +4 & he arrived the next day! I had practically no labour signs beforehand, he felt high, everything was totally normal. I also thought I'd be induced again so didn't bother thinking otherwise.

    You might be surprised. I think we all have that doubt x

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    Thankyou guys. I must keep the faith & think positive thoughts.

    I knew there were a few induction decliners on here. I just need a bit of support x
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    My waters broke and I never made it to active labor. Silly body xxx

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    If I ever do it again I will refuse induction - I will always wonder what it would have been like to go into labour naturally.

    George I was induced as waters broke but nothing happened 😕 and with Thomas I had gd and they induced me he was not ready to be born it was awful xx

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    Every pregnancy and labour are different. Do naff all to encourage it, go to bed in fact. 3 of my 4 spontaneous labours started off when I was asleep x
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    all 3 of mine started in my sleep too.
    woke up at 7am, babies 1 and 2 born before 9am and 10am.
    woke up at 4am with #3. baby here in under an hour.
    no messing about once they decided they were coming out!

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    Mine started in my sleep too! X

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