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Thread: March and April 2016 mummies

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    Hmm Ive got no photo hosting. Does anyone have any other hosting sites?

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    What a lovely picture Laura.

    Only photo place I really know Beanie is photobucket which isn't a lot of help! I don't know if flickr can be uploaded to forums?

    Yes it is Sav, it is rife here at the moment, her brother caught it from nursery so inevitably she has it too, even on the bottom of her feet, I do believe the whole thing about how much you are exposed to it. I have it too so it is a bit difficult at the moment.

    She is a character if I say no she can't have something or do something, she throws herself on the floor crying, runs off with the toilet roll.

    She loves the garden too, if she wants to go outside she gets her hat and shoes.

    Kasper is well trained with the nappy thing.

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    We're doing good Izzy's 15 months and still boobing. I'm proud of this as she may possibly be our last. How do you know when you're done??

    I'm working 3 days a week and trying to set up my own business too.

    We get married in 8 weeks

    Izzy's walking and such a chatterbox. We have:
    Cockadoodledoo (in her way)
    Baa (granny and grumps live on a farm )
    Shoes (she learnt this the day we bought her first shoes)

    She's a character too, she's moody and knows how to get her own way bit like mummy 🤣

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    Aw that's a lot of words! Go izzy!

    She is gorgeous

    EL - re how do you know when you're done - I guess you just know WHEN you are done. I'm so done it's unreal. I'm not broody, not tempted, I just want to get on with my life now ha! But then again I'm 43 in a few days time and my abdominals are busted after the last one. And I need to finish my re-training and earn money. So, NO WAY !

    We finally have unsupported walking here, as the preferred method of movement - at last! Growing up fast now!
    Mama to two miracles - K born Dec 2011 and T born in Mar 2016

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    I'm able to post photos now. So here is kasper.

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    He has the cheesiest grin ever! X
    Mama to two miracles - K born Dec 2011 and T born in Mar 2016

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    Haha he really does. Xx

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    Lovely pictures Beanie. Love his little pushchair!

    They are growing up so quick!

    Yay for walking Sav!

    We have a good few words now so it is getting easier to understand what she wants rather than guess.

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    Oh blimey beanie sorry that was quite a typo, I meant to write "cheekiest" grin - d'oh!! Sorry! But it does look like he has cheese between his teeth too ha ha xx

    No words here as yet! Lucky mummies you are able to understand what they want lol. Mine communicates with grunts mainly. Oh and she comes up with her own words. Like "graaaaa" means "music". Very funny
    Mama to two miracles - K born Dec 2011 and T born in Mar 2016

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    She'll soon be talking Sav!!

    Sounds like she still gets across to you well enough what she wants though.

    We are a big Paw Patrol fan, new words are Skye and Chase!! She knows all the characters!

    Hair washing is difficult now for some reason, I got one of those shampoo shields and even that she doesn't like to have it washed.

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    All babies do things differently. I'm sure if there was any concerns it'd be picked up by now

    Still bf!! Will be 17 months on Friday

    We get married a week on Sunday too

    Izzy loves postman pat. She walks round with the remote shouting pat!!

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    I agree with you EL.

    Oh wow, are you all ready for the big day?

    We are still bf too.

    Paw patrol is 'Paw pow' which is so cute.

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    Laura 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    I don't know what to say, just heard. You are all in my thoughts
    Mama to two miracles - K born Dec 2011 and T born in Mar 2016

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    Laura, there aren't any words

    Just want you to know I'm thinking of you

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    Hello all, anyone still around?

    Anyone heard from Laura at all?
    Mama to two miracles - K born Dec 2011 and T born in Mar 2016

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