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Thread: Looks like I belong in here now

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    Looks like I belong in here now

    Hi, ladies,

    Well me n bumps dad have split up since Thursday night. I was texting a girl and I put her in my phone book under my Babez as in a good friend, he looked at my phone and started shouting at me accussing me of seeing / sleeping with other guys. I am 22 weeks preg with his baby daughter.

    He was a jealous guy when we first got together but since we got married 2 years ago he's got worse, I can speak to a guy or a guy can't even look at me or he will accuse me of seeing them. I was invited to a party on Friday night it was a girl from works 50th and I said I am going to the party and he said oh if there's guys going you will s**g them! they only need to look at you twice & your in bed with them.

    I can't go out to the shops myself constantly asking me who's texting and who am speaking to on Facebook !!

    Sorry for the rant.

    I have no idea what to do about houses, money wise or nothing . Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks x
    Cheering all the ladies for there BFP :-)x

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    It sounds like you're well rid tbh. I know it's hard right now but you and baby will be fine.

    It's hard to offer advice without a bit more info... Do you live together? Is it his house or yours? Rented or owned? Do you both have jobs? Get joint tax credits? etc

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