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Thread: ♥ Aug', Sept', Oct' & Nov' '14 mamas chat thread ♥

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    Rosie is having a few My Little Pony bits and a unicorn onesie. She has been obsessed with ponies and unicorns for a while and has recently started horse riding which she is loving.
    Rudy is 16 months older and he potty trained at the beginning of the year, and just 4 months later Rosie decided to do the same which was a bit of a shock! About 3 accidents in the first week and dry ever since. So she ditched nappies at 19 months, she's dry overnight 90% of the time but i still put her in a pull up every night to save any extra washing
    I hope everyone has a fab christmas! We really love this time of year We're off to meet Father Christmas this afternoon at Trelissick, a National Trust property, so they're excited about that

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    Amelia has a vtech kiddizoom camera, crazy sand, a jewellery box, an elsa doll and a few other bits. She's so 'girly' these days and is always asking for my little pony things, or shopkins. 6 months ago she was obsessed with dinosaurs and trains. She seems so grown up now!

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    We got the kiddizoom camera too for my little girl!! Did you get it from Tesco's clearance? Was a bargain!! x

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    No I didn't, I did see someone post on Facebook that it was in a sale in tesco but I didn't see it. I bought it off amazon in the end as it was the cheapest place I could find it!

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    Amelia started taking her nappy off herself and refusing to go in it from about May, she was doing really well for about 6 weeks and then all of a sudden she just started hiding in a corner and squatting down to pee and poo. I tried waiting it out but my floor couldn't take any more so she got put back in nappies. We are back to it now though as she starts pre school after Christmas and I'm a bit iffy about them changing her nappy for some reason, no idea why! I'd just rather she could use the potty.

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    Not even going to attempt pottying until she's at least 3 lol. She seems aware of 'bumbum' etc, but as she can't speak yet so it would just be very difficult. We're in no rush, enjoying the 'baby' in Lily for a bit
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    Molly decided to stop nappies at 3.5 and asked to wear knickers, and no real accidents since.
    So we're going to be doing the same route with lola, waiting for her to verbally tell us.

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    Did we all have a nice holidays? xx
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    Yeah were nappy free now. Wasnt quite expecting it. She just kinda did it

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    Hi all.its been a long time iv not even been on here since before dougie turned 2 curiosity got the better of me.
    How are we all?
    They aren't babies anymore hey it went so fast.
    Dougie has been toilet trained since he was 20 months old say and night he did it himself but then his speech is that of a 4 year old I always knew he would be forward as the girls r aswell. He's such a lovely happy boy very chilled and loving super clever and very caring!!
    Hope everyone is well 😀

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