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Thread: ♥ Aug', Sept', Oct' & Nov' '14 mamas chat thread ♥

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    It's def thinner than porridge, sorry the tmi but it is like water and no matter how good a fit the nappy is, there's no containing it! it literally drips like water everywhere.
    Really up to 8? Midwife told me going a few days with no poo is fine as body absorbs bf milk very well... And is often the case bf babies only have 1 dirty nappy a week. As long as there's at least 5-6 wet nappies every day (which there is). I guess all babies a different! Xx

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    How is everyone?

    I'm shattered today as Freddie woke at 5am when oh went to work and wouldn't go back to sleep for an hour. Then my cats woke him up just after he fell asleep. Then he woke at 730. Was up feeding lots too

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    Also shattered! Lily is feeding every 45 minutes! My boobs are flat as pancakes

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    Paed appt this afternoon and Rosie's heart murmur has corrected itself nothing abnormal was detected. He thinks it must have been a valve that is open when baby is inside and closes at birth and hers just took a few days to close. He has signed us off with no further follow ups required. Very relieved

    The consultant was great, we were also waiting on a dietician appointment. We discussed all her symptoms, and advised that we had some left over neocate from our son that she has been on for about a week now. Based on the discussion he was happy to diagnose her as having cows milk allergy and is writing to our dietician and gp and she'll receive neocate on prescription now. It took us 6 months to get this far with our boy! So although we wish she didn't have cmpa, we are happy that it is being sorted out quickly this time. Her weight was static from day 5 to 12, but since being on neocate and not projectile vomiting after every feed, she has gained 10 ozs in a week

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    That's great news Ladyash! xx
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    That's great ladyash.

    Nothing exciting to report here, Erin is fine. 7 weeks old now. She seems to be in a routine with her feeds in a way which is helpful.
    Got the 8 week check with the hv and the one with the doctor and jabs next week. I hate the injections 😢

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    That's brilliant ladylash

    We had radleys tongue snipped Tuesday, he seems to be ok since. Had him weighed today and he is now 8lbs 4oz so has gained almost 1lb in 2 weeks

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    Hey ladies

    Busy day here, second son started school (and did great) and HV came round to see & weigh Freddie. He's 12lb 5oz now! So that's 3-6 month clothes from tomorrow My last little squish isn't staying little and squishy for very long Need to find a way to slow down time

    Hope you're all ok.

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    Erin still fits in newborn clothes. She's probably over 10lb now but she's so petit!

    Glad the tongue tie has helped bain

    I've been sat feeding solid for 1hr. So thirsty

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    I have health visitor tomorrow so will let you girls know her weight, she was last 9lbs 1oz last week i think. She is small but tall so i think her weight comes from the length. She does have a chubby head lol.

    Thats a next 0 to 3 months babygrow

    Mama to Molly & Lola <3

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    Aww bless. She is long!

    Here's Erin

    They grow so fast 😢

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    Can anybody tell if this is thrush?

    And is this rash/spottyness normal? I've googled baby acne and milk spots but they seem a lot more rashy than 'acne' iykwim? I'm wondering if she's allergic to something.. but no idea what it could be? It's only on her face, and head, although it's inside and all over her ears too :/, nowhere else:
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    Try to wipe it off with a muslin, if it doesn't go then it is thrush and you will both need treatment of your breastfeeding - me and radley are being treated at the moment.

    The spots look like milk spots to me but if they don't go down in a day or 2 go see a Dr x

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    They've already been there for 3-4 days now, milk wont rub off tongue xx
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    Then I would see a Dr as it could be thrush x

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