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Thread: Possible gallstones 😔

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    Possible gallstones 😔

    Long story but basically since pregnant with DD I was getting horrible pain under my rib cage it was very irregular I wouldn't have it for months then I'd maybe have it a couple of times in a week. Anyway this morning I had it so bad I kept having to make myself sick!!

    Went to dr who says more than likely I have gallstones. Having bloods done tomorrow, then waiting on an appointment for an ultra sound just to confirm. I'm going on a low fat diet to see if that helps any as I only get this when I eat too much fatty foods!!

    Anyway my question is has anyone had this and not had to have their gallbladder removed? I really don't want to have surgery 😔

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    I'm just going through this now. I've had the ultrasound and am just waiting on my appointment to have my gall bladder removed. I ended up in hospital recently on morphine as the pain was so bad :-(

    I really don't want to have surgery either but I know it needs to be done.

    I know how you feel right now

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    Thanks Claree

    That's awful you ended up in hospital

    Dr told me I'd be better coming off the pill but I'd be so scared of getting pregnant lol even though we are planning on ttc again later in the year 😳 hopefully I can try to eat a low fat diet and that'll keep it away for a while x

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    I had gallstones after being pregnant with my son, I was ment to be going to have my gallbladder out but 2 days before my pre op appointment I found out I was pregnant again so had to wait till I had my daughter. The pain is awful I had mine out in April last year but im still having the same pain. I am having alsorts of tests performed at the moment. Aviod cheese milk and fatty food also full fat coke cola! Since I had mine out I have had bowel problems also I cant eat anything without running to the toilet.

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    I had my first attack around 4 years ago and they did the same, ultrasound. My GP told me that most people will have undetected gallstones and they cause no problem. The only reason to have the gallbladder removed is if it gets infected. Keep up the low fat diet, it should help avoid things getting worse. Saying that, I have a terrible diet still and haven't had any pain for 3.5 years. I definitely still have all my "lots of small gallstones" as I had an abdominal ultrasound a week ago.
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    Thanks ladies, Babyliz that's awful your still having pain, I think I'll try to keep up my diet and see how I get on, I don't want to go through surgery if it might not help!!

    I'm writing down a list of groceries that I need and plan to stick to it and not buy any rubbish!! I make lots from scratch too so hopefully that all helps!! I really can't pin point it to any one type of food etc, but I do know when I cook mince if the fat isn't well drained I get such bad pain!!!

    Maybe I'll even loss some weight along the way

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    My dad just had this diagnosed after an ultrasound today! No mention of removal, it doesn't give him too much jip. I'd better tell him about the cheese, I saw him eating a rather cheesy omelette earlier!
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    So after having no pain for 4.5yrs Im having my op to have my gallbladder removed on Wednesday!!

    I am terrified and randomly burst into tears!!

    DD was crying the other morning because she dreamt I didnt come home from hospital

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    You poor thing. I am sure it will be absolutely fine. Have you ever had a general anaesthetic before?

    It needs to be done by the sounds of it and you will be so much better afterwards XX
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    Thanks savannah. All over me now. Thankfully not feeling too bad.

    Had a GA when I was about 2. Thankfully it wasnt too bad.

    Waiting on some painkillers then Im off to hopefully get some sleep.

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