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Thread: Inside a ClearBlue Digital test....

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    I have put the image as my profile pic as im not sure how to make it an url xx

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    [IMG][/IMG] I have finally been able to upload my pix this is one I have done this morning. Xx

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    I'm not sure Hun but good luck. Try a first response x

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    There's definitely lines on there! Did it still say not pregnant this morning? I think give it a day or 2. But if you weren't pregnant you wouldn't get any lines so congratulations!! Of you want to confirm I would do a FR as they are more sensitive!

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    To be honest im not sure when im due my period as after my miscarriage I have not been regular but I think im not due till Tuesday next week :/ im so nervous, But I also did a cheap 99p test yesterday and that was Negative. Yes I received a not pregnant this morning too, xxx

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    Found this because I was sure I've read that even if u aren't pregnant, you will see lines:

    A digital pregnancy test will always have two lines on the strip within it. Digital pregnancy tests detect pregnancy by using a unique and patented testing process that tests for both the pregnancy hormone as well as the lutenizing hormone. In fact, on the instruction leaflet that comes with the Clearblue brand digital pregnancy test, an information box advises, "When you eject the Test Stick you may notice one or two blue lines on the Test Stick. These must be disregarded; only refer to the Display on the Test Holder." A digital pregnancy test reads the results of the pregnancy test by using a special device known as a chromameter. A chromameter, simply put, is capable of detecting different shades of colors that human eye cannot. In relation to a digital pregnancy test, this means that the test is capable of reading different shades within a single band of color on a test strip and is then able to interpret them and display the resulting interpretation on the digital result window. As you can see, a digital pregnancy test operates differently than the standard visual interpretation pregnancy tests, and therefore, cannot be read like a standard pregnancy test. Two lines on a digital pregnancy test, does not mean the woman is pregnant. Unfortunately, many women have gotten their hopes up and suffered unnecessary emotional distress as a result of interpreting the lines on a digital pregnancy test strip visually."

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    hmmm well im currently sat outside boots to buy a FR so I wil let you know the results :/ xx

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    So I did a FR and it was negative :


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    That's really interesting Saffy, thanks for posting i assumed incorrectly that any lines meant some sort of positve like other tests! Sorry Haze-babes.

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    I have read that too saffy but like the first pics, clearblue always say that if you really aren't pregnant it should be completely blank except the control line. It's so very confusing! X

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    This is what mine looked like this morning .

    Quote Originally Posted by pruep2 View Post
    I got a not pregnant today but doesn't look to far off?!

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    Took a clear blue and had faint line then digital was negative. It inside it I had the three lines for 2 weeks they were faint but def there. So I bought a pink dye n it says negative now I'm confused n disheartened..

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    They always have three lines. I have had 'not pregnant' on digis before, took them apart and they showed clear progression and much darker lines than pictured above. I think I read once they go on the shade rather than the fact there are lines there

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