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Thread: Grown ups colouring in

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    Grown ups colouring in

    Is there a thread on this here already?
    If not, maybe this could be it
    Didn't realise how many of you were into colouring in too until I asked about good colouring pens! So I thought as long as there's not already a thread, maybe those of us with a colouring in obsession could share ideas, photos etc here?
    I'm not crackers don't worry It's just so much fun! I'll post pics of what I've done so far soon...

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    I'm intrigued, I didn't know this was a thing!

    Proud mummy to beautiful Lily Grace, born 11.12.13 x

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    Oh I wna see!
    Ive asked OH to get me a book and pens for my anniversary present. I imagine its very relaxing

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    Sarah, it is indeed, a thing. Lol! And not just that, it's a WONDERFUL thing!
    Kidston, nice one! It's my birthday tomorrow and I asked hubby to buy me colouring pens haha pretty sure he thinks I'm nuts.

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    What I've done so far. I need better pens though. Thank GOD iPad didn't change 'pens' to penis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liz View Post
    P.s reminds me of the secret garden
    I wish I could take credit for the drawings, but the book is the actual secret garden colouring book

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    The colouring in is my own work though, stayed in the lines and everything

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    Oooooohhhhh!!!!!!!! That does look appealing!

    Proud mummy to beautiful Lily Grace, born 11.12.13 x

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    It's brilliant! There are soooo many pages all super detailed like that, you'd never get bored! Plus there's bits that you can complete the drawings too.

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    Hehe thanks I got it from Waterstones for 10, but Amazon do it cheaper.

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    I love colouring in. Its very therapeutic.

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    Ooh, I wanna must resist, too many craft projects on the go to add something new. Maybe for when I go back to work and I'm making 'notes' in all my meetings??

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    Now, I made myself look in the other thread and I've ordered some pro-markers lol

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