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Thread: Sterilization reversal on Thursday

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    Sterilization reversal on Thursday

    Having my reversal this Thursday. I am super emotional and hormonal. I assume nerves.

    Wish me luck!!!

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    good luck, hope its a success xxxx
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    Best of luck! How exciting! Keeping everything crossed for you that it works xx

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    Good luck I hope it all goes smoothly!

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    Best of luck :-) x

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    thanks y'all

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    Reversal done. And omg am I sore.

    Surgeon said my tubes were very good and chances are high to conceive. Exciting times ahead.

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    hi glad it went well, get plenty of rest now x

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    Sorry you are sore but great news that it went well and the chances are good.

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    Sorry you're in pain hun, but such good news that it all looks good xx

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    Thanks ladies.

    Two weeks tomorrow and I'm still sore. Walking any far distance hurts like hell.

    But stitches have all but dissolved. Couple time has commenced. And as of two weeks time we will officially be ttc.

    Scar is looking good. Tonight we even managed to go the pictures and for a pub lunch. Felt good to go out again. Best rest is not something I do well. I think most mums would agree the thought of it sounds epic. But the reality...people walking in ever two seconds asking what setting for dishwasher / washing machine/ can I line dry this/ what shall I do for dinner/ Ayesha (who has additional needs) has pooed her/ she did it again/ the cats have dragged your top into the litter tray and pooed on it/ the dog ate your new pjs out of the laundry know the usual stuff. Then after three days andy was nearly crying because he couldn't cope. To be fair be did run round like a headless chicken. I had to remind him a) it's the summer hols the house won't be perfect so chill b) everyone has bad days c) the girls were gonna spend the weekend at daddy's so relax. Because the girls aren't his he doesn't like to help with bathing or Ayeshas incont which is fine. But he lacks confidence. He getting really good though XD

    So proud of him and my girls XD

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    Aww bless, your oh sounds fab and like he's trying so hard to help. I hope you start feeling better every day now and the soreness goes away soon for you x

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    I'm up and bout now. Had my first period since the op today. Actually made us a little bummed out even though we're not trying just yet. I'm glad he feels so strongly about it to though. So reassuring.

    And he is amazing. Honestly do not know how I managed to get so lucky with him.

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