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Thread: One child and pregnant with second (different dads) please don't judge :(

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    One child and pregnant with second (different dads) please don't judge :(

    Like my life isn't dramatic enough already... I have a seven year old boy who's dad hasn't been there since I was pregnant. I have been in a relationship for the last 6 years and was very happy until feb this year we split up as he didnt want children. I then have enjoyed being young (27) and single met a lovely guy and after only 9 weeks I'm pregnant.... He is obviously a little shocked and although a gentleman I know he doesn't want the baby.
    I am extremely hard working and always have been but wondering if two children being single mum and working full time is actually giving to be manageable ??? Please help I'm 6 weeks pregnant sad face

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    Sorry hun, I've no experience for you, but is it possible that you can do this on your own? Your son is 7 so he's growing up and not needing you so much as he did when he was smaller, so maybe it'd be easier on you than have two very small children? What's your gut instinct?

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    I have no experience of being a single mum but knowing from my own mum and some friends it is most definantly do-able. Congratulations . xx
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    It would be doable dependent on experience what support you have/what your financial situation is/how it would affect your son. You need to decide if you can cope. ..and if not....have an abortion. You have choices, sweetie x
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    I agree with what people have said. Your eldest is growing up and at 7 will not rely on you as much..... So in that sense it's do able, of course it's not always that easy....

    My children all have different fathers and with my 2nd I was on my own from 17 weeks of pregnancy. He didnt want anything to do with me or baby. Have you spoken to your new fella about how he feels about you keeping the baby? Would he stay with you? Would be be supportive if you were seperated? Are you finically stable? Do you have good family support? Or good friends?

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    It is definatly do -able hun. I was a single mum to 3 at one point, and pregnant with my 4th. I know have 4 children and me and OH don't live together, so I am on my own 99% of the time and I manage. And I don't think anyone here would judge you about having children to different fathers, I have 4 children to 3 fathers myself

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    oh yeah the judging thing..those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind x
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    It is absolutely doable xxx

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    It's totally do able my eldest is 7 and my little one is 14 months now . My eldest is more helpful to me I was able to take them both away to Spain by myself with my eldests help pushing the buggy

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