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    I'm having a really hard time being alone, i've never been this alone even though i have a 3 year old biting at my ankles all day.

    How do single mums cope with the lonliness? I've tried internet dating but that scene isn't for me at all
    I'm feeling only his cute face is whats keeping me going

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    When I was in my own with my daughter I went back to work as I couldn't stand being on my own. That way I had some much needed adult time and has a social life and it was yeah through work that I met my now husband.
    When we had the boys I became a stay at home mum and I found it really hard being with the kids all day on my own. I took them to loads of baby and toddler groups to get out and about and met some other Mums, made some really good friends etc then we started to meet up for coffee, play dates, nights out, it made it all so much more bearable for me. xx

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    I am a newly single mum (3 months) and have a 2 year old.

    I was finding the evenings the worst after lil man went to bed. But now I don't find them too bad. I relax now because I know the next day will be hectic as he is non stop.

    I signed up to POF and have had a few dates but nothing has led to anything, but just having the company has been nice.

    Do you get any help from your ex? Or from family?

    I don't have many mummy friends and I don't go to any playgroups at the minute due to them clashing with work. But maybe ask your hv when there are some playgroups on.

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