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Thread: will me and my pregnant ex girlfriend reconcile when our baby is born?

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    will me and my pregnant ex girlfriend reconcile when our baby is born?

    I was with a girl 4 months with a child. She ended things with her first childs dad then we met. Had a great romance and then we become pregnant. When she becam pregnant she became hostile and upset because she was only broken up with her first kids dad 6 months when we found out. When she was 12 weeks pregnant, after going through two months of bitterness and anger towards me. I told her id always be there for the baby but do not want a relationship with her. She os now 34 weeks pregnant. In that time i have tried to reconcile twice and fully regret ending it and should have given her a chance. She refused both times. I have shown her that im committed and will love my child. I have been to both scans and we occasionally text and chat on fb. It kills me now that she doesnt want a family! When the baby is born what are the chances of reconciliation? Me and her mother also fell out on the phone. But that was three months ago. She has told me i am not allowed to attend the birth and the child is having her name. I have always shown enthusiasm and joy and have always wanted things to be ok when the baby is born, however she and her mother thought i was being pushy and i have since piped down a little and told her im excited to have a baby and will do my best and work around her. I havent seen her in three months. Despite one or two attempts because my mother and i made her a present hamper. She always states she doesnt need to see me because were not together. Kills me ! I really hope we have a happy ending. Anything i can do? Or is the damage already done?

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    Having had a baby myself and knowing what women go through in the delivery room I feel that she might not want you there because honestly giving birth can be very tough and it's even tougher when someone is in the room who you have been arguing with a lot. Honestly it's a feeling that I can't describe and it makes things far harder. So don't automatically think she's refusing you out of spite when that might not be the case at all.

    You seem more concerned about getting back with her than what you do about the stress that the break up caused iykwim?

    And gifts are all well and good but if this is your baby you should be providing for the baby and not just giving a gift, she's not your friend she's the mother of your child.

    I hope you can work things out.
    Now pregnant with no 2, EDD 22nd of July 2014.

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    Well I tried to reconcile almost immediately afterward....the day after ward infact and admitted I had made a hasty and silly decision. But she said no. Well I wanted to demonstrate that we think about her and that my half of the family are going to be positive to the baby when he is born and play a huge part of his life as father and grandparents. I understand not going to the birth. But she also does not want to double barrel our childs surname. We havent really argued alot. We had a couple of little disagreements however we havent had any full blown arguements.

    Its just so hard being a single dad during pregnancy. I want to be involved and be a loving and positive influence on my childs life. However she feels that because we are not together its not appropriate. It really saddens me. I want to be a DAD. not just this man who is allowed to see this baby every so often. Its so difficult.

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    I have also bought her a baby bouncer and I have bought a ton of stuff for the baby. Including a pram! For her.

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