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Thread: *********Mummies due in January 2014 chit chat thread*******

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    Ems you should join us in Tri 1 x

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    Jelly.. Mummy to JJ 18.01.14

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    I will do! Might pop in when babs is in bed later xx
    Team Blue! ETA 20/1/14

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    Bumping to have a read later!

    How are all our toddlers?
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    Wow, this all seems like a distant memory! Seren is doing really well, she's a sweetie and always brightens my day.

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    Cannot believe we have 3 year olds!!! Ellis is a bundle of non stop boisterous energy!!! He is very full on and into everything but so loving and even though he is a rough and tough boy he is also a complete Mummys boy . He has been going to pre school for over a year now 2 days a week but starts 5 mornings after Easter he loves it and it has been so beneficial for him. He is currently having speech therapy and is coming along really well . Not mastered potty training yet I was getting in a tizz about it but trying to chill now!! Def no more babies for us, had an emergency hysterectomy last year due to Endometriosis that I didn't even know I had but after fasly diagnosing appendicitis went for "keyhole" surgery and woke up 6 hours later in the menopause! Has been tricky adjusting but can finally say I'm doing good now . We are off to the seaside Thursday for Easter so looking forward to quality time with OH and my babies. Be lovely to hear how everyone is doing xxx
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    We are great I have a 5 month old as well now edens such a cutie very loving and cuddly but always full of energy and never sits still such a chatterbox. Time has flown! I would add a pic but might take me a while to remember how
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    Hi nice to catch up again and see how all our toddlers are getting on! 3 and a half already wow Arthur is a bundle of energy from first thing til last thing at night, he really loves Lego and building aeroplanes etc always got something on the go 😊 I just read some of my last comments on here and realised I've not updated since my previous pregnancy, I sadly had another mc but today I'm actually going into labour as I type lol 😁 was due on the 14th so a little overdue again! I so desperately want this baby now the last few days have been tough going!
    Hope everyone is well, sorry to hear you had to have a hysterectomy eve must have been so tough for you.
    Looks like this will be a slow burner, like history repeating itself 😂 catch up again! Xx
    Team Blue! ETA 20/1/14

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