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    Time seems to be flying and I'm getting worried about how il cope on my own.

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    When are you due? I was a single Mum to Charleigh when she was born, honestly you will be fine! It is hard work but so rewarding xxx

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    I'm due in sept and it's going so so fast :/ xx

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    I'm having the same fears Jess, although I'm gonna be alone with two

    It doesn't help much but you will manage simply because you have to. Once you start to get the hang of things then it does become easier and even more so if baby gets into some kind of a routine.

    Things to remember are...

    - Rest when baby does. Everyone says it but it is so important. Lack of sleep makes everything worse.

    - Rely on family/friends as much as possible. Even if they can just cuddle baby for 30 mins while you have a bath, it really does make a difference.

    - Don't stress about things that in the grand scheme of things aren't dead important (such as housework). Do what you can but if the house is a little messy then so be it.

    - Don't isolate yourself. Once you're feeling a bit more normal again try and find some mum and baby groups or similar if you don't have friends with small children.

    -Try and have some 'me' time just once a week/fortnight. The more recharged you feel the easier you'll find it to cope.

    Really hope that doesn't come across as patronising, they're just little hints that helped me last time. It's pretty scary but you will manage just remember that even on the bad days stuff will improve and it is all worth it. I can't bear the thought of life without my daughter now x

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    No Hun that's really helped so thank u. Thing that's making it harder is that I have no family here plus my parents don't want to be involved because try didn't want me to keep the baby as my ex was so violent. Iv just got to take every day as it comes I guess xx

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    Jess about your parents you are not due until September and within that space of time they may well come around and be supportive you never know :-)
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