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    Hi guys. Just need to talk.

    Split up with my sons father 1st January and currently living with my parents. Thought I was coping well until saw my solicitor today when I broke down.

    I just don't know how I will cope on my own. My son will be 2 next month and I just wanted everything to be perfect.

    Can't stop crying

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    I've learnt that my life now is much better than it was when i was with my husband. Life will never be perfect imo, but that's what makes it exciting I know now life is better than it was. I have two kiddies who are much happier and settled now than what they where.

    It does get easier and better. I occasionally have days when i look at mine and wonder if this is the best life for them, but then i remember how much happier they are now than what they where, and how much happier i am.

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    I know the feeling, wanting everything to be perfect and feeling it's not now.. But there's different ways to have a perfect family without having the traditional set up

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    I now know I am in a better place. Have discovered there has been a lot of lying and deceit. I deserve better

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    So sorry to hear about this hun, but I'm sure you can do it

    You and your child deserve the best and if he can't give you's the best then he isn't worth your time

    Hope things get better for you soon xxx

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