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Thread: the nub/skull theory?

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    the nub/skull theory?

    Can someone explain what it is? I have my 12 wk scan pic here and am trying to interpret it but no idea lol. x

    Cheering for everyone TTC

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    I can't remember exactly what it is but I'm really good at guessing right when I see 12 week pics! Have you posted a pic in Tri 1? X

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    ive tried but ran out of tapatalk pics i think! oh well ill wait till 20 week scan for the big reveal lol x

    Cheering for everyone TTC

    Mummy to a very yummy baby

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    Girls are meant to have squarer shaped foreheads and boys rounded. I must admit this was true for me. Both my girls 12 week scan pics they have blatant square foreheads, where ds's is rather rounded. x
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    I don't know, it depends on the angle of the photo surely? This is my 12 week scan...

    And he's a boy! Is this rounded or square? I can't decide

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    i thought girls were rounded and boys 'flatter'

    i know Benjamin is a boy but by looking at the scan id have thought boy too

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    I thought it was girls have verry round heads and boys come with more shape, angles than just round?



    eta these are 20wk scan pics x
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