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    Unhappy How confusing!

    Hello everyone. I am a newly single mum, but on good terms with my ex and still living in our house together with bubba.
    this situation cant carry on though, and need to look into moving out. God this scares me though! I work full time but think there is some extra help/benefits I can claim? I have no idea where to begin or what to do. My friend has asked me if I am going to claim housing benefit, or bid on a council house? I am totally lost, can anyone give me any help? tried CAB but they were less than useless!


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    Really? No one at all? Thanks to the 21 people who have looked and not posted.

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    Hi just seen this thread. I would go to the council to see if they can help.
    Each council is different but I know my council will not put you high priority unless you have been evicted (a baliff order through the courts) they now say they want people to stay where they are as there are not many properties. (I'm going through this at the moment). You will be able to go on the list to bid but that could take a long time.
    As for benefits you should be able to claim working tax credits maybe housing benefit and council tax benefit child benefit can't think of any more

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    If your not working or working few hours you can claim housing benefit and if you can get a deposit together you could ent private?

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    try there good for sure with my council on there site there was a form you could fill in to see how much housing benefit you would be entitled too if you looked to private rent alot quicker but you need to pay a deposit yourself & first few month rent yourself till they sort it (they repay the rent uve paid back)

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    Hi hun! How are you getting on?

    I'm going through the same thing at the moment, lucky enough my mum took us in though, but looking for our own little place. Going back to work part time and like you I'm so confused as to what I'm entitled to. want to know all the facts before I make a move. Will have a look at martins money tips as suggested.

    Did you have any luck and get sorted?

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