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Thread: Everything you ever needed to know about Trying for a baby & Fertility

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    Quote Originally Posted by missjayne View Post
    ive got a couple of queations,
    i am vegetarian how would this effect me long term just for when and my boyfriend do start trying? we have been talking about it a lot lately so i thought the first steps is to try new foods to get iron etc up just incase they are low. and i need to start eating healthy. my boyfriend has been supportive of me, so would be glad of anyone who has been in the same situation as me). x
    Hi, I'm vegan and TTC I'd definitely recommend making sure to eat healthily and getting enough iron as you say, but you'll be pleased to know that the vegan and vegetarian diet are actually great for TTC, as it is actually advised not to consume too much meat or dairy while trying (for various chemical and dietetic reasons to do with high oestrogen content in dairy products, highly acidic nature of meat etc). So you actually don't have much to worry about, provided you're eating healthily (not shunning the fruit and veg!)

    The main thing if you're thinking about getting pregnant is to take folic acid every day. Many women on here take an all-round pre-pregnancy supplement such as pregnacare or centrum. I take Pregnacare Conception, which contains high dosages folic acid, iron, and various vitamins. They're handy as the provide assurance that you're getting all you need daily.

    If you're curious about vegan or vegetarian pregnancy in general, there are lots of books out there, some better than others. I have The Everything Vegan Pregnancy which is good and has lots of recipes as well as advice. I'm not pregnant yet though, dammit! I also recommend the blog Our Vegan Pregnancy, just because it is awesome
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    well i thi k its best for me to slowly give up junk food now. and try healthy stuff.

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    Hi ladies, i'm TTC no.3. Im trying to figure out how to judge my cervix as iv not had a periid since coming if my pill despite havibg them regular on the pill. How do I Know if its high or low? At the minute its about 4inches high (is that high) it feels hardish (simular to a nose) it has a slit in it and i can fit the tip of my finger in but then it feels closed. Does that meab its open or closed?
    Sorry for all the questions iv never really activily TTC before it was just a matter of if it happens it happens with my other 2 children.
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    I did cervix checking for a bit yonks ago but I could never make sense of it either, I think it just keeps varying for most of your cycle between up & down, open & closed that it didn't help me much. Sorry that's not much help is it I'd go for temping or opks if you're trying to figure out ov time. Good luck
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    Hi everyone I would just like to share my story I have had 3 misscaraiges and an ectopic pregnancy my right tube is out and I had a bi corneate uterus but had an operation to fix it also had cin 3 and got Letz done my question is has anyone else got pregnant with one tube x

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    Hi everyone, my DH & I have just decided to start trying for baby #1 in September & we are so excited. I was hoping not to have to track ovulation - I'm a bit addictive with stuff & don't want to put too much pressure on myself - but I don't have any noticeable OV symptoms. I've been trying to track my CM the last couple of months as my periods are a bit irregular so I'm crossing my fingers that helps I was also wondering if anyone has tried SMEP (sperm meets egg plan) & had a BFP success??

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    hello, people what's going on?
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