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Thread: How long does induction take to work?

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    Re: How long does induction take to work?

    With Stanley I went in Wednesday morning at 7am, he was born 1.30pm Saturday. With Daphne I went in Monday at noon, she arrived Wednesday at 7.20pm.

    I had LOTS of waiting round though, think I was fairly unlucky.

    I faint with needles, and was fine with the canulas, even though a particularly dozy midwife ****ed it up (you know when you just KNOW they are nervous?) and I still have a scar. Get hold of some EMLA cream to numb the area and you won't even know it's in.
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    Re: How long does induction take to work?

    I had a pessary at 1:15pm, VERY strong contractions started 30 mins after. Waters broke 4:40, baby born 5:10pm

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    Re: How long does induction take to work?

    Should add, first time I was very unfavourable. The second time (at 38wks) I was told cervix was posterior but soft and 2cm dilated. This was a CON on the part of the consultant I think, I found out subsequently that the cervix is never fully closed after a vaginal birth so she was bigging it up and it still took ages.

    If you're already on your way to dilating as a first birth then I agree with your doc, you're doing very well and stand a good chance of a quickie.
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    Re: How long does induction take to work?

    Quote Originally Posted by honeywall
    Thanks guys for sharing your experiences xx

    Ladyjp - I have no idea yet hun! I'm going in to the day unit this morning for more tests, monitoring, and a scan to check that the pre-eclampsia isn't effecting LO too much.

    But the consultant said that on the basis the readings are still the same (or worse) then they will just go straight for induction - they 'won't let me go any further'. I'm assuming that that means they'll do it either today or tomorrow... She said that as I'm 39+1 today there is no point taking any unnecessary risks.

    So that's all I know at the minute! I imagine they would go for a pessary first?

    Another question - what happens with your birthing partner through all of this? Are you admitted to a ward for the induction, then your birthing partner called when things get going? By the sound of it from what I've read though, if you're taken to the labour ward and induced your partner would be able to be with you?
    Liam stayed with me the whole time. He was pretty bored in the early stages but perked up a bit when he got to try the gas and air Definitely take lots of books/magazine/charge your phone as it can be a slooooow process! Best of luck hun
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    Re: How long does induction take to work?

    with a friend of mine who was a couple of wks off her due date it took 2 days. For my friend who was a few dyas off her de date it took 15 minutes and for me 10 days over it took several hrs and then all happened fast. I think it depends how favourable you are and you are not far off your due date. Hope all goes well for you and you might be a Mummy by the end of the day xx
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