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Thread: Sore Nipples

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    Sore Nipples

    I have SERIOUSLY sore nipples They're really uncomfortable when rubbing against my top, when I walk up the stairs etc. It's not agony, but very uncomfortable to touch and if I lay on the sofa on them!

    I never get this, please pray for me that this is some sort of sign! I hate symptom spotting because A) I never get any symptoms and B) I'm very realistic about TTC and for some reason never let myself think I'm pregnant

    Plus, if this is my month then I had very creamy CM since 3dpo, that is also something I never get! I literally had to go to the toilet just to wipe (TMI) felt like I'd come on or something, very very wet down there

    I'm never this optimistic, but I really feel different. I am usually really negative and I'm dreading AF coming because the disappointment is going to be huge after the CM and nipple thing

    I usually don't expect to be pregnant, and I can't remember a time where I've thought I was pregnant. Ever! So this is a first and I'm dreading the fall on Thursday when AF is due

    FX this means a BFP Please stay well away from me AF!! xxx

    I'm 11dpo tomorrow, if I pick up a test after work shall I test Tues morning (12dpo)? If I use FMU at 12dpo using an FR, can I expect a definitive result!? I'm asking now so that people don't feel they have to be kind and say "well, it might be too early!"

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    Not sure about when you should test new to all this! But sounding really positive!! Will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that you have good news this week!xx

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    All sounds promising!!!

    I would have caved in and tested by now!

    Good luck honey! xxx

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    Hummm...12 dpo should give u some line if u are prego but probs an am I arnt I one....depends if u want to linespot. Actually I expect You could get a good line Im sure people have done...

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    I trawled through the BFP pictures thread earlier before announcing my symptoms (I hope they are actual symptoms ) and not many people have added the "dpo" part on their tests so I'm still clueless!

    I hate line spotting, with a passion. Not just my tests, anyone's tests! I can never see a bloody line when everyone else can so I'm useless.

    I thought with it being only 2 days early I might get a clear result either way - No line = deffo not pregnant and a hint of a line = pregnant!?

    We'll see, I might not test (coz I said I would refrain in another thread) but I'm feeling optimistic now (why oh why have I done this to myself Optimistic is NOT good when TTC, the fall is huge when you check your knickers at 14dpo ) x

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    All sounds really positive, lots of luck.

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    Stop wearing your nipple clamps you dirty minx

    FX hunni :-D
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    excuse the typos... predictive text on Iphone.

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    Sounds really promising to me :-D

    The cm sounds exactly like mine was I even remember putting on here how "wet" i felt.
    Good Luck Hunny X

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    good luck

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    Quote Originally Posted by mummyzilla
    Stop wearing your nipple clamps you dirty minx

    FX hunni :-D
    Ah I forgot about those! Ignore the above ladies, I've found the cause!!

    The yoghurt pot might explain the CM too

    Joking!!! x

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    I didnt get a line at all what - so - ever with DD until 17 DPO (She is a nearly 10 month old baby) so you might not get a definitive result at 12 DPO, having said that i didnt get any symptoms through my entire pregnancy

    I think the symptoms sound very promising and I would have thought that if you have enough hormones to cause symptoms then you would have enough to give a BFP iykwim.

    I guess what i am trying to say is TTTTEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    That's another problem... I'm a bit cynical about loads of symptoms so early

    And it could easily be a strange AF sign (strange for me I mean!) x

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    OMG! OMG! OMG! This is soooooo excitingggggggg!!
    What with my seemingly eneormous boobs and your painful nips, we are SET for Tri1!!!
    I know we should be cautionary hun, and you are so much wiser and more experienced than me with TTC...
    but lets not disregard these things that we know ourselves to be very unusual for our bodies. Oh wow I would LOVE it if this is a good sign for you!! And massive congratulations for leaving it this long to test - very proud of you
    I'm plannning to test around 12DPO this weekend.
    On FF, charts that result in pregnancy and have early results... the earliest positive pg tests seem to be detected around 9/10 DPO. If you can hold out til 12 DPO I think would be better and potentially more satisfying, but if you snook a little IC in before then I doubt anyone could blame you. Ooooh I can't believe how excited I am for you! Especially as BD'ed your way through the whole ov days.... potentially VERY promising!!
    Please keep us/me posted OK xx

    My birth thread My birth story Cheering lots of lovely TTC and pregnant ladies!

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    EEEK I know and it's the first time I've BD'd around ov, ever! I mean day before, day of and day after..

    Which may be something in my head?! Because I know this is (I think) the only time we've ever BD'd day before, day of and day after ov that I'm somehow imagining it iykwim!?

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    Re: Sore Nipples

    Sore nipples was my first symptom and was one of the things that made me realize I was preggers even before testing.

    I also got a BFP at 9dpo on a FR so 12 will be a fine time to do your first test. Just know that some people don't get a BFP until well after they've missed AF as said above. You could still be pregnant even if you get a BFN.
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