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Thread: Tesco pregnancy tests

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    Tesco pregnancy tests

    Does anyone know how sensitive Tesco tests are/the earliest you would be likely to get a positive result?


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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    I think they are pretty sensitive and would work from about 10 dpo.

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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    Dunno,i used one with my DD, i was 3 days late, but prob only about 14DPO, but i didn't believe it was a line at the time i'm sure to a line spotter it'd have been obvious lol

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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    Quote Originally Posted by pickled_onion
    Does anyone know how sensitive Tesco tests are/the earliest you would be likely to get a positive result?


    My friend just got a positive on heres, before 4 weeks (cant remember how many DPO )

    Good luck sweetie xxx
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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    very sensitive lol,

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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    Same as a superdrug I think

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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    They worked for me at 9 dpo but the line came up after about 5 mins and was veeery faint. The following day was slightly stronger line, again took about 6 mins. Found them almost as sensitive as superdrug.

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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    Thanks for the info, folks

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    Re: Tesco pregnancy tests

    I have been scouring the net trying to find out too as I have bought some. From what Ive read they are 25mIU, so pretty sensitive. Hope we both get BFPs on them asap!
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