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EWCM before period due?

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  • EWCM before period due?

    Is this normal? I am due on today/tomorrow.
    I have very slight cramps - but nothing like period pains - I have stabbing feelings in my boobs, I feel hot and was getting lightheaded today - so was getting hopeful because these are good pregnancy symptoms....but then I got EWCM......I am defo not ov'ing again....has anyone experienced this before?

    I've got an FRER to do in the morning!

    Thanks xx

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    Re: EWCM before period due?

    18 views and no replies?? Anyone? xx


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      Re: EWCM before period due?

      hi chick

      i dont have much in the way of advice, didnt want to read and run.
      but if af still hasnt come i say test!!


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        Re: EWCM before period due?

        It's very normal, sweetie; your hormones shift slightly before AF and often it can cause this.
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          Re: EWCM before period due?

          I normally got ewcm a couple of days before af was due. It was seeing it that made me know I wasn't pg that cycle.
          The month I got my bfp all I had was loads of creamy cm.
          Hope its not the same with you

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            Re: EWCM before period due?

            I've never had ewcm so I can't really comment on that sorry... But in relation to the other stuff, unfortunately you can never tell because symptoms of pregnancy and af are SO damn similar Good luck!


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