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Maternity pay and if i quit my job

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  • Maternity pay and if i quit my job

    i get Satutory Maternity pay. I dont get anything extra from my employer, i was just wondering if i dont want to go back to work and told them that, would i still get the SMP until the 39wk of maternity?. I normally have to give only a week notice. They have asked if i am coming back has in April that be 6 months has they are looking to replaced me with somone else has they being having trouble with reliable drivers which is what i do has a job and want to know if i am coming back... So if i turn round this week and told them i am not returning back would i lose the money?.

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    No you shouldn't do. You can hand your notice in when you notify them of your maternity dates and you'll still be eligible for 39 weeks. My only worry would be any backlash from them knowing you are not going to be returning. I know they can't legally let you go for that reason but I'd still be cautious as employers can be sneaky.
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      No you won't. I quit my job in jan but continued getting mat pay until I started working for a new employer. I've got the legislation on my laptop if you need to back it up xx


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        you are still entitled to the 39 wks of smp and also any annual leave accrued in that time too
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          cheers for the replys girls...i think i make an appointment to have a meeting with them and tell them. Has i know there are desprate to get driver or drivers has they paying agency and i think my boss will be appreicate it that i am being honest. I know my boss if he could get out paying someone he would. I think it just be fair and if i leave on a good note then maybe i can returned there when my child is abit older so my other half can take her with him... Thanks for the replys.

          I not entitled to child care enlititlement has my partner is retired and we already submitted the forms saying that, but if he was working we be entitled to some money which would pay 500 of the 640 childcare cost.....Weird how they work it...


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