Going Into Labor My First Time

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The first time I had a baby, it was all so very uncertain for me. I had no idea on what to expect. All I had to go on was the stories I heard from other women with kids. Of course, by going off of those stories you hear the best stories and then the worst! What sticks in your head the most? Naturally the worst ones. So my first pregnancy was a bit more stressful to say the least. I remember we had just moved into a new house that was very old and needed a lot of work. So while I was pregnant the house was under construction. Needless to say, nothing was ready and we were running out of time. There was nothing worse than being pregnant for the first time and not having a house that's ready! Fortunately my husband was working diligently to get things ready. However, my whole 'Nesting' phase was frustrating because I had no baby room ready to GET ready.

Well three days before my actual due date, I was sleeping on our mattress that was just sitting on the floor (because our bed frame had not been set-up yet). It was about 1am. I was half sleeping, and half awake. I was noticing these cramping pains that felt like my period. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming them or if they were really happening. I remembered from my birthing class, that if you start having contractions far apart or Braxton hicks, to try to just sleep through them since it could be a while. So I tried going back to sleep.

As I was trying to sleep I realized these pains seemed to be coming consistently. So I looked at my clock, thinking hours had passed, only to see that one hour had passed and I had quite a few of these contractions! I decided to start timing the contractions, and they were about 10 minutes apart. I woke my husband and told him that labor was starting, but they were far apart. At this point I started packing my hospital bag (talk about a procrastinator). My contractions ended up lasting all night long 10 minutes apart. I called the doctor in the morning and they told me to come in when they are consistently 5 minutes apart. Naturally I was very anxious to go in as soon as possible, but I waited for them to get closer. I was walking around, trying to keep busy to help speed it up.

That afternoon they got down to 5 minutes apart and were getting more painful. So we left for the hospital. When I arrived I was only 1cm dilated and they sent me home! How disappointing, I felt like they were getting so painful and were definitely getting closer. Little did I know how much MORE painful they would get. We decided that instead of going home we would walk around town, stay active and close to the hospital. However that was much more difficult than it sounded. My contractions started to get so painful they would double me over and were making me extremely sick. I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink, I could barely walk. They were starting to come at 2-3 minutes apart. My husband asked if we should go home or to the hospital (he didn't want to be turned away again). I said, I KNOW I need to go in now.
This time I went in and was dilated 1.5 cm! I thought, 'How can I be in all this pain and only dilated a cm?!!!!'. The nurse said they were going to send me home and went to go get the paperwork. As soon as she left I felt a POP! Just like a wine cork. My water had broken. Of course once my water broke they had to admit me. My contractions were so intense I was no longer speaking. I simply laid there in bed staring at the wall and then gripping the bed with a vice grip whenever a contraction came. My husband asked if I was ok because I wasn't talking or responding to anything. So much for packing snacks in my hospital bag, I was so nauseous, the thought of food made me sick.
My body was so tight that it just didn't want to dilate. My contractions were extremely intense but not productive. After 20 hours of labor, I finally got an epidural. Once I had the epidural I was able to relax. I could still feel my contractions so I could concentrate on how often they were coming. My body relaxed and allowed the contractions to be productive, then I started dilating quickly. 5 hours later I delivered my baby boy.

After so many long hours of pain, uncertainty and nausea, they placed my baby in my arms for the first time. I was so overwhelmed I sobbed tears of joy. Suddenly I forgot I even went through labor and held that little wonder. What a miracle he was. 7.0 lbs and beautiful! When we came home from the hospital my husband had to throw together the bassinet and put our bed frame together, but nothing mattered at that point. All of my focus was on my baby, who cares what the house looked like.

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