Scouse Recipe

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Below is a recipe I contributed to the PF Cookery School!

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I'd like to contribute our Scouse recipe to the mix. I should say that here in Liverpool, everyone usually thinks their mum's/nan's/auntie's Scouse is THE BEST and nobody else's can even come close. The recipe has many variations and is usually passed down through generations.

Scouse traditionally comes from sailors who enjoyed the dish throughout Northern Europe. It's ideal because it's very easy to do, doesn't cost much and you can have the leftovers for lunch (and sometimes tea again!) the next day.

For me, Scouse is my comfort food. I always remember coming home from school on a cold day and smelling it cooking, it's a really hearty and warming dish. Definitely worth a try!

Ingredients (can alter according to taste):

Around 500g of stewing/braising steak
2 cloves of garlic
1 large onion or 2 small
Beef stock (we use OXO cubes x2)
4 or 5 large carrots
Medium sized whole turnip/swede
Half a cup of frozen peas
Regular sized bag of white potatoes
Gravy granules (to thicken)

Optional extras:
Mixed herbs
Tomato ketchup/purée
Anything else you want to throw in!

1. Cube steak and brown in a large pan with the garlic
2. Add boiling water (around 1ltr or enough to cover the meat), add one OXO, seasoning and the onion(s) diced
3. Cover and allow it to simmer on a low heat for around 1.5hrs or until meat is tender. Around halfway through, add a little more water.
4. Peel potatoes, chop into mouthsize chunks and parboil separately in another pan.
5. Cube turnip and boil separately, again, in another pan.
6. Add the other OXO cube to the meat pan and an extra pint of water. Bring to the boil.
7. Peel and slice carrots and chuck them in the meat pan. Cover and let simmer for around 15 mins or until carrots are cooked.
8. Drain potatoes and add carefully to the pot, when stirring, try not to chop the potatoes too much as they can turn mushy. Also drain and add the swede. Add peas (around half a cup full, can be frozen)
9. Cover and gently simmer until all the vegetables are soft. Test this with a sharp knife.
10. Optionally, you can add another OXO here. To thicken, put a small amount of boiling water in a jug, add a couple of tbsp of gravy granules, stir quickly and add to pan. Repeat until you're happy with the consistency. We do this twice, so 4tbsp for a big pot.

Scouse goes perfectly with beetroot or red cabbage. A must is hot crusty bread with loads of butter, straight from the oven.

My mum still uses pots and pans but I've successfully made Scouse in a slow cooker. I'd recommend starting it early and giving it as long as possible on high.

I've just had to type all this from my mum reeling it off by heart, so hope everything is right!

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  1. Turquoise's Avatar
    Sounds delicious, mum used to make this often and it was yummmmmmmmmm! Do you ever add dumplings?
  2. Sephs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Turquoise
    Sounds delicious, mum used to make this often and it was yummmmmmmmmm! Do you ever add dumplings?
    It's a firm favourite of mine! We never add dumplings, I'm not a fan to be honest! I like mine with red cabbage and crusty bread with loads of butter!