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Well the new bath is ordered and paid for. Just hope hubby can plumb it in ok....

Prob best not to dwell on that for now!

In other news I have started to modify my diet! I'm following weight watchers again so I can slim down some of this baby weight before I start to gain it again And I'm thinking more about cutting down red meat and increasing my green veg as part of it since that's supposed to be one way of increasing chances of a girl I've heard that cranberry tablets taken for 3 months before conception can help too. It changes the ph of your cm. Assuming it must be more acidic? I'm not a fan of citrus stuff but I'll give it a go too if it'll help, so oranges, orange juice, 'real' lemonade etc here I come Oh the things I'm willing to do to give my hubby a daughter!!
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    Hello there, good luck with your diet changes and weight loss. I'm WTT too. I have a little question, I hope you don't mind - I thought that the sex of the baby was purely down to whether the sperm that penetrates the egg has an X chromosome or a Y chromosome? ie. that it's purely down to the luck of the draw what gender you get, and that either way it comes from the father, not the mother. But then I have read articles about dietary things that can influence it, but I assumed that that was just a myth, given the science behind gender selection. You seem to have read a lot about this, so I was just wondering what your thoughts were? (I'm very new to all this TTC stuff, so I apologise if my question is stupid!)