I'm just a girl

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I was trying to come up with a new username for something the other week and I had no idea what to call myself. Everyone else seems to know instantly and come up with clever, witty and perfect names, whereas I'm stuck with the remnants of a childhood family nickname that I carry with me all over online.

Not particularly good at anything to derive a nickname from a hobby. I like reading, but have no favourite book - my memory for all the books I've read over the years is somewhat lacking in detail, so I don't feel 'worthy' of using anything literary. That and the fact I don't think I've read any 'classics' ! I watch a lot of TV & Films, but the same reason applies as with books. I like music and singing, but I'm no expert.

Basically I am a nothing. I'm just there. Not really noticeable, that's why I wore low cut & tight things in my teens, progressing to piercings, bright hair colours and other things to grab attention. But I'm still a bit of a nothing. Not the kind of person you'd ask an opinion from, the kind who's advise you'd value, I'm that person on the periphery, the one you'll be introduced to and then instantly forget about.

When I was laying in 'bed' thinking about all this, I kept having No Doubt "I'm just a girl" going round in my head, but that's not right for me. Gwen was singing about being held back, no one's holding me back from anything, there's just nothing more to me. I am just a girl in this world, that's all that I'll let me be.
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