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My excuses for being fat

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It's an excuse I know.
I always have excuses for why I'm fat, why I'm not on a diet, not exercising, not eating healthy, treating myself, binging...

But I'm struggling at the moment to be good.
My poor excuse is stress. DH is working nights and I hate it, I struggle with having the two kids at bedtime myself. And I struggle getting up with the two kids in the morning alone.

I've been eyeing up the alcohol all week lol.... I now totally understand why some people have a glass of wine at the end of the day to unwind!

I'm not turning up alcohol though, my alcohol instead is tea and chocolate!

I'm giving up chocolate for lent and 100% determined to stick to that. I really will.
So I'm doing that stupid thing of stuffing myself stupid with chocolate now instead! It's a stupid way to rationalise it. Not doing myself any favours.

I sent hubby out for those Cadburys egg'n'spoon thing today... They're amazing! I'm going to regret giving up chocolate everytime I see them in the shops. (I didn't send him out purely for the eggs, we needed bread!)

I'm trying to 'fix' my source of stress. So that I won't feel the need to turn to chocolate so much.

I've been looking at the place we're going on holiday today. It looks amazing and I can't wait. I just don't want to feel like a gigantic heffer at the pool.

I really need to stop making stupid excuses. Take control.
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  1. Alsieb's Avatar
    How are you doing with this today? I know how difficult it is to give up chocolate, sometimes its the only thing that gets me through the day! (Then instantly feel guilty for nomming a whole bar of lindt chocolate...)

    Keep focussing on the holiday and thinking about that swimsuit!
  2. Phoenix Song's Avatar
    Not doing brilliant tbh. I've cut rigjt back on chocolate so it's not a huge shock on wednesday! But I've replaced it with toast with butter which is probably just as bad!

    I've lost weight though, half a pound more and I'll be at my lightest since getting pregnant.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to turn to chocolate!
  3. Alsieb's Avatar
    Mmmm, fresh buttery toast! Have you thought about trying Graze boxes? I'm so bad for snacking, and these are healthy snacks that can last you through the day. The only bad thing is that some of their things do have chocolate in, so you'll have to make sure you 'bin' those before you order!!

    for what you've already lost, that's brilliant! I'm gunna be right here cheering you on