Scrap Happy

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I love 4ply yarn. I'm very much a process knitter, always enjoying the making more than the finished object, and the yardage on thinner yarn means more knitting time for the cash; or bang for your buck if you prefer.

I knit quite a few socks. And am hoping to knit more shawls. Which inevitably means lots of leftovers. Skeins are generally sold in 100g lots, and I only have little feet. So what to do with all those little balls of colourful loveliness?

A couple of years back, I knitted my mitred square blanket, and got a few pfers on the case too!

Well, now the scraps are piling up again...........

I've been searching for mini skein projects again and have found the perfect thing. Not another blanket (I'm not mad!) but a scarf. It uses linen stitch to give the effect of a woven fabric. Lovely to look at but very slow going. I anticipate this will be a long term project. Ideal for commute knitting as no pattern is needed, but it's not as mindless as you might think. I've already made loads of mistakes, but luckily it's quite forgiving. What do you think?
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  1. Urchin's Avatar
    ooooh very nice!
  2. Minxy's Avatar
    I knew you'd like it! Will bring it Saturday so you can see it in the flesh. Something to do when you've finished your blanket..........?
  3. Urchin's Avatar
    haahhahahaha finish my blanket? hahahahaha
  4. Minxy's Avatar
    Yeah, well. I'm an eternal optimist.