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Just incase anyone was wondering after my "crochet giveaway" post the other day. No one probably was but..

For the people who wonder why I don't charge for my time/set up as a business :

Firstly, crochet is my hobby, I love it, I'd hate for it to feel like work! I like to think that I take the ideas you have and have a go at making them, there's always a chance I will fail!

Secondly, it's not really the kind of thing I could charge my time for. Especially as my "speciality" is blankets. An example of this might be my current blanket, 3 rows takes just under an hour, so each block of colour takes 2 hours (6 rows) using that average it's taken me 32 hours to get to where I am, and I've still got 4 blocks of colour to go, plus the border and sewing the ends in. Obviously smaller blankets take less time, but most of the blankets I've made are cot bed size/toddler bed.
How could I possibly charge for that? I'd hate to anyway, because I go back to my first and main point. It's my hobby!

CCM (name removed so im not advertising) was "born" from two ladies on a pregnancy forum I'm a member of saying they'd love an Attic24 ripple blanket, but they can't crochet. And I kindly offered to make them for them, all they had to pay for was the yarn and postage. Other ladies asked if I could do them granny stripes and ripples, and I decided to set up a blog to be able to share my blankets, and then the Facebook page was set up. I've never profited from making the blankets although some people do send a bit extra with their PayPal as a thank you/to cover bus fares/petrol for getting the yarn. I've never asked for more than the price of yarn, in my head it's as if you've brought the yarn and handed it to me to make something out of.

My mum thinks I'm nuts for doing all of this, maybe I am. Her face when she asked me why I was doing a giveaway was a picture. I liked doing the draw, I liked making someone happy, and giving myself an excuse to do a hat.

I loose my focus a bit sometimes, and at the moment I'm not getting in as much crochet as I would like to be able to catch up with my requests. tDada has changed his shifts at work so once the boys are in bed instead of sitting down with a sandwich and crochet I'm cooking a grown up meal for us and doing washing etc because now that he's in work in the morning where he was at home I'm not getting the chance to do all of that.

This has turned into a bit of an epic post, sorry. Just know that this isn't a dig at anyone, just an explanation of why I do things the way I do, and how I maintain my love of doing them *
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    I feel exactly the same, sorry you felt you had to post x