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    Slinky Sarah

    Vegetarian/vegan thread

    Ive got a chocolate recipe if you want it?

    Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk

    Slinky Sarah Today, 04:48 PM Go to last post

    May/June mummies 2016

    Got my next scan and consultant appointment on tuesday. DH is coming with me to protect me from the consultant's nagging ^_^

    Lily is nice

    GoldenPhoenix Today, 04:42 PM Go to last post

    New tww chat thread

    Erm well I found a cheapie test in my airing cupboard so I might succumb lol. Feeling tired today but didn't get a great sleep last night with hubby snoring

    butterfinger Today, 04:39 PM Go to last post

    New tww chat thread

    Still above when r you testing - before af due or being sensible 😉 Xx

    Hoping Today, 04:10 PM Go to last post

    Adam Johnson

    I think when this thread was created he was accused of having sex with a 15yr old after meeting her at a club. I dont remember reading anything

    beckyd Today, 04:02 PM Go to last post
    Slinky Sarah


    Oh i cant wait to start! Hes only 20 weeks though lol. 6 weeks to go...easter weekend. Yay he can have an easter egg!! Joking obviously!

    Slinky Sarah Today, 03:49 PM Go to last post

    March and April mummies

    Yeah I'm being induced get an official date the 1st March but they said it will probably be the 11th when I'm 38 weeks

    Yeah I have diabeties

    Lauraaax Today, 03:47 PM Go to last post

    Potty training thread

    This has to be my least favourite bit of parenting by a country mile. Hate it hate it hate it.

    DD1 is being a total nightmare. She wants

    HTPR Today, 03:25 PM Go to last post

    Kmac's house transformation thread!!

    Start smaller, like with your shoes or underwear and socks.

    Prubear Today, 03:10 PM Go to last post

    Just Venting...

    She's doing fab at night now. I don't know how long it'll last but she's only been waking once or twice for a feed. Last feed is usually 11ish then 3-4ish

    dannii87 Today, 03:02 PM Go to last post

    Kmac's house transformation thread!!

    I seem to have a bit of a block starting this. I cannot bring myself to pile up all my clothes!!

    kmac Today, 02:57 PM Go to last post

    The Slimming World Thread

    Do you go to meetings? Have you bought any cookbooks? I get on better looking for ideas if I flick through a book, I wouldn't start randomly looking online.

    kmac Today, 02:55 PM Go to last post


    Gagging is normal and useful. Their gag reflex is further forward than ours so any time food that's not ready for swallowing gets too far back the gag

    Sarah32 Today, 02:54 PM Go to last post

    The Slimming World Thread

    Right we have been to m&s so got mussels, steak and potato rosti and some extra (plain) veg.
    Was having a meltdown at the dessert bit but then

    kmac Today, 02:40 PM Go to last post

    *Short Story Competition 2016* CHAT THREAD

    Ive just finished my story lol I got hooked once i started writing.

    Prubear Today, 02:24 PM Go to last post
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