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  1. My crochet.

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    Just incase anyone was wondering after my "crochet giveaway" post the other day. No one probably was but..

    For the people who wonder why I don't charge for my time/set up as a business :

    Firstly, crochet is my hobby, I love it, I'd hate for it to feel like work! I like to think that I take the ideas you have and have a go at making them, there's always a chance I will fail!

    Secondly, it's not really the kind of thing I could charge my time
  2. Matthews birth story

    (posting this here so I don't loose it)

    Well, firstly excuse my spelling etc, doing this on my iPad & it likes randomly autocorrecting!

    In my head pre induction this thread title had a girl baby name followed with vbac & hypnobirth, so it's taken me awhile to want to write it.

    So induction day was 1st December, I was 36+5, and tbh was looking forward to not having to worry about my body ballsing up & making me more poorly. As I was a VBAC ...