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  1. My excuses for being fat

    It's an excuse I know.
    I always have excuses for why I'm fat, why I'm not on a diet, not exercising, not eating healthy, treating myself, binging...

    But I'm struggling at the moment to be good.
    My poor excuse is stress. DH is working nights and I hate it, I struggle with having the two kids at bedtime myself. And I struggle getting up with the two kids in the morning alone.

    I've been eyeing up the alcohol all week lol.... I now totally understand why ...
  2. Scales are my friends. Chocolate isn't

    So, surprise surprise, I was wrong.
    Weighing myself daily is a good thing. Because otherwise I think 'Sod it, I can eat this today, the scales won't know, and be good the rest of the week instead.'
    Only of course I say that every day. And that's how I've ended up as heavy as I am.
    So the last blog entry needs to be deleted!
    Weighing daily might make me feel bad about myself, but it keeps me on track better than not.

    I can't even remember how much chocolate ...
  3. My name's Gemma, and I'm addicted to the scales

    I joined Weight Watchers when I was 15. I was 10st 10lb, I had 10lb to lose to be classed as healthy again.

    One of the first things I remember being told during one of the meetings was never to weigh yourself daily, don't use your own scales. You shouldn't weigh yourself too often as it gives a false picture of how you're doing.
    If I'm not dieting I can go months without stepping on our scales. Because I know it will always read higher than last time!
    But the day ...
  4. Blogging along. Why I eat in secret

    I don't want this to be a diary of what I've eaten. I've tried and failed at those before.
    I'm just going to ramble about my weight issues, my many diet attempts and why I've failed so many times. Hopefully I'll pinpoint some areas where I can slowly make changes. Permanent lifestyle changes

    My mum has been on a diet as long as I can remember. She didn't always use to be big I know from pictures.
    I think my mum has tried most diets, I remember her trying quite a few, ...
  5. I'm going to become a Blogger

    Or that's the plan anyway.
    I'm going to blog about being a fat cow, who overeats, binge eats, eats in secret, is a comfot eater, who eats when bored, or stressed, when happy, to celebrate, to treat myself. Who eats because I can, because I enjoy it. Because I always think, 'oh just this once won't hurt.'.
    I'm going to blog about being a serial dieter. Who's been on a diet 8 years and is 4 stone heavier than when I started. Who's tried everything, but never sticks at it long enough ...
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