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  38. So exciteddddd!!!!
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  50. Elf?
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  52. is it too early?
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  73. What do u get...
  74. Where can I get
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  98. The tree.....
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  112. what goes ontop of your tree?
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  114. Christmas Favours/Gift Bags
  115. those of you with dogs...
  116. My first (ever) Christmas cake is in the oven!!!
  117. Gifts in a Jar
  118. What are you wearing to the work Christmas do?
  119. handmade decorations
  120. Letter from Santa via NSPCC - your choice of donation
  121. Santa (don't open in front of kids who can read)
  122. what's your childrens main present?
  123. What do YOU want for Christmas?
  124. Which Veggies for Xmas Dinner?
  125. See the coca cola Xmas truck
  126. Christmas Songs
  127. What you getting your OH/DH?
  128. xmas tree
  129. Christmas eve meal
  130. Do YOU have an advent calendar?
  131. Not telling kids about Santa (thread not for reading-age children)
  132. Do you buy gifts for people on behalf of your kids?
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  134. baby present with ball
  135. Boxing day Buffet
  136. Where can I get a laptop for 200?
  137. So what do you tell your LO's about Santa?
  138. Christmas elf??
  139. When are you putting your tree up?
  140. Mulled wine for kids recipe
  141. I wanna share my biggest Xmas bargain :-)
  142. What are your LOs wearing for Xmas parties?
  143. Tinsel
  144. The Festive Gift Fair NEC
  145. What age were you when you stopped believing in santa?
  146. Yay or Nay?
  147. Open house day over xmas ideas needed please
  148. Secret santa swap help - deleted my message and can not find any of the posts
  149. No idea what to get niece age 4
  150. Hamper to make my own Xmas hamper
  151. When do PNP messages start?
  152. Homemade xmas *recipe tutorial thread*
  153. Cheap Christmas Jam and Chutney Recipes
  154. Free personalised emailed video from Santa
  155. cute kitchen stuff at sainsburys :D
  156. Making Christmas Magical
  157. Would you be happy if you got one of these?
  158. Place name holders and table gifts... GOT MY PLANS - come see!!!
  159. Soo excited
  160. Wrapping presents.
  161. How does Santa get in
  162. Real Christmas tree advice please!
  163. Christmas crafts, post your pics and ideas!
  164. Teacher christmas gifts
  165. Tutorials on how to wrap presents?
  166. Final countdown.... One month to go!
  167. I want these novelty bin bags!
  168. (parents of more than one!) Do you give gifts to your LOs from one another?
  169. Christmas gifts.....
  170. And thats the girls gifts....
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  172. Pressie for a 1 year old.
  173. seeing more than one santa WWYD?
  174. Do you spend the same amount on each child?
  175. Your Christmas decorations!
  176. Xmas supermarket delivery slots
  177. How are you making christmas Xtra special this year?
  178. christmas cards x
  179. what do i get a 4 year old?
  180. The *I am stuck for ideas for (insert name) pressie. Swap ideas* Thread
  181. deleted
  182. Much cheaper photo cards!
  183. December 1st!
  184. meeting santa question...
  185. What advent calendar do you have?
  186. Does anyone not send Xmas cards?
  187. christmas help needed
  188. We met santa for the 1st time!
  189. Your Christmas turkey
  190. LUSH gift help!
  191. Official Grotto pics!
  192. real trees help
  193. home made gift ideas please
  194. up goes da creezy treezy!
  195. Gift ideas for Riley please!
  196. Christmas present list & cost?
  197. So, do you know what your getting for christmas??
  198. Making an effort this year!
  199. Norad Santa tracker
  200. Garlands / Personalised stockings!
  201. Sister Gift Help!
  202. When is it too late to Christmas shop?
  203. Does this look ok?
  204. Mum ideas?!
  205. Inexpensive but nice gifts for family, help!
  206. What will your little one's be wearing on Xmas & boxing day?
  207. Christas Film Suggestions Please
  208. What are you vegetarians having?
  209. ***squeal***
  210. starters for xmas day
  211. Ba Humbug?
  212. Christmas Park catalogue type things...
  213. what to take for christmas dinner
  214. what nice christmassy food do you buy
  215. What's left to get for Christmas?
  216. Has anyone made a Delia Christmas cake?
  217. What are you wearing on Christmas day? :)
  218. Defrosting the bird!
  219. christmas baking
  220. Scared about Christmas dinner!
  221. What do you do for your evening meal on xmas day?
  222. defrosting the turkey - help plz?
  223. anyone made a gingerbread house this year? care to share?
  224. Christmas Presents.
  225. Stocking Fillers
  226. Where do you put the presents?
  227. what do you leave out for Santa?
  228. Christmas lists vs what u bought
  229. Anyone else drowning under all the wrapping they have to do?
  230. How old were you when you discovered Santa isn't real?
  231. Can I just say...
  232. Wishing you all...
  233. What was your kids favourite present?
  234. What did you get for Christmas?
  235. Did anyone else not get anything for Xmas?
  236. Christmas 2012
  237. Secret Santa
  238. Started sewing Christmas stockings already - I love Xmas!
  239. Yorkshire Puds 2012 Xmas planning thread!
  240. Just ordered 1st pressies
  241. Started shopping already hehe
  242. Handmade Christmas Decorations
  243. Ideas On What To Buy That Will Last Till Christmas
  244. Christmas craft swap??
  245. Love these!
  246. Cat's Christmas Craftiness
  247. What have you bought so far?
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  250. Anyone know what they're doing for Christmas dinner yet?