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  1. Please help fill this area
  2. Schemes for soon to be mums/mums/low income families
  3. Link to government info related to Families and Work
  4. tax credits complicated question
  5. Can sum1 help
  6. Time of for scans etc
  7. Factsheet: Pregnancy - need to knows regarding employment
  8. Child and Working Tax Credits
  9. Sure Start and entitlements
  10. benefit help!
  11. £190 for every Mum to Be
  12. Im being made redundant will OH be able to claim working tax
  13. Child Tax Credits and 2 children
  14. Unemployed
  15. Telling work
  16. can i request
  17. Help with discrimination at work
  18. i really need some advice! help?
  19. Courses for stay at home mums
  20. Flexible working - link to website
  21. Any child benefit experts here?
  22. how long to return to work for?
  23. Maternity Allowance
  24. £190 Health Grant
  25. Child tax credits question
  26. Annual Leave for antenatal appointments
  27. Tax credits question
  28. Statutory Maternity Pay/Maternity Allowance - rises in April
  29. Community Care Grant
  30. Shocked at the amount of tax credits i have been paid
  31. Hlep with tax credits
  32. does anyone work with or know tax credits xx
  33. Childcare/changing hours help.
  34. Help...Looking for work while pregnant.
  35. Getting made redundant whilst claiming smp
  36. Wht happens after maternity leave?
  37. How long before you're entitled to maternity pay?
  38. Have i missed something?
  39. Question about the Surestart grant
  40. advice required
  41. what help?
  42. Working Tax Credits - late claim
  43. letter from work - please help
  44. re. work ..... HELP
  45. Whooo! The tax credits backdate someone linked to on .uk
  46. £190 Grant ...
  47. Sure Start Maternity Grant
  48. April - tax credits - what do i do?
  49. Maternity Allowance
  50. Back to back maternity allowance?
  51. Changing work hours under Family Friendly policy?
  52. Child Tax Credits Help Please
  53. I want to put in a claim for Maternity allowance
  54. I thought things couldn't get worse today... (Child Benefit)
  55. benefits, unemployment and training courses
  56. has anyone elses tax credits decreased?
  57. Question bout tax credits....
  58. Redundancy whilst on maternity leave
  59. What Am I Entitled To?
  60. What part to disregard?
  61. Students and Benefits
  62. What hours?
  63. Paying back SMP...
  64. Crisis loan..
  65. Read this if you are on benefits!
  66. right to Parental Leave
  67. Question about returning to work after Maternity Leave
  68. Backdated Tax Credits? my friend never heard of them :O(
  69. Am i being stupid...?!
  70. maternity grant
  71. If my OH
  72. Hypothetical returning to work Q's
  73. nearly 5 months out of work now
  74. tax credit renewal???
  75. Employment concerns
  76. £250 gov funding money
  77. CV help
  78. MATB1 certificate
  79. Tax credits - l dont understand
  80. Holiday entitlement
  81. Health in Pregnancy Grant
  82. Help with child benefit form please ladies....
  83. Full Time Work
  84. entitled.to questions
  85. ???so i get nothing then???
  86. Temp Work and Tax Credits
  87. tax credits overpayment :(
  88. Tax Credits Form Help
  89. working tax credit - me or my partner?
  90. New Flexible Work Legislation - 6th April 2009
  91. Childcare costs
  92. On a working visa and pregnant.Need financial support advice
  93. Cash-benefits advice
  94. maternity leave - a few questions....
  95. tax credits?
  96. Starting a new job whilst pregnant
  97. Stat maternity pay changes
  98. Yet Another What can I claim post?!?!
  99. Child Benefit Questions
  100. JSA/Pregnant
  101. How much are we entitled to if last year total income was...
  102. whats best?
  103. Maternity Pay and Tax Credits
  104. Maternity Allowance from Jobcentre Plus.
  105. letter - not returning to work after mat leave
  106. Accruing holiday..
  107. child tax credit payments vanished?
  108. tax credit forms?
  109. Help please
  110. Mums who have their own business THREAD
  111. How do i get a p60??
  112. Paternity Pay for husband
  113. Tax credits - single to joint claim
  114. Maternity Allowance
  115. Paternity pay?
  116. Quick Question On Child Benefit
  117. tax credits- unexpected large amount?
  118. Child Benefit Question
  119. Any mums looking for flexible or part time work?
  120. maternity leave and annual leave
  121. Tax Credit Question
  122. Return to work contract
  123. Calling! Parents Who Work! Help!
  124. Am I entitled? (going back to work)
  125. Anyone self employed?
  126. Mat Al need to be marked in CTC form?
  127. rent
  128. Can i get extra?
  129. Where will I stand please
  130. Debt Relief Order - CAB
  131. Underpaid Tax Credits (I think)
  132. travelling, evening work question
  133. Handing in my notice while on maternity leave
  134. Alliance Against Pregnancy Discrimination
  135. Not going back to work after maternity leave,when to resign?
  136. Going back to work
  137. Yes im thick... But would really appreciate some help..
  138. another resigning while on maternity leave post
  139. Child tax form
  140. Health in Pregnancy grant? How long?
  141. tax credits affected by maternity leave?
  143. Maternity Allowance - paid in arrears?
  144. Child benefit, child tax credit question
  145. Is it illegal to....
  146. How long does...
  147. Enhanced Maternity Pay from Employer - what's normal?
  148. Help
  149. Going Back To Work
  150. Maternity leave
  151. Can you get childcare help if on Job seekers allowance
  152. Sick pay
  153. A couple of HR questions
  154. Health and safety.......*update need advise of where 2 go
  155. Urgernt surestart help please
  156. Sure start maternity grant
  157. Tax Credits Review Team
  158. Can anyone explain this please?!!
  159. Returning to work - not so simple bit of a rant
  160. Will having savings effect WTC and CB?
  161. what is the higher element?
  162. working tax credit question?
  163. Feel sick ........
  164. Is there anyway
  165. Working tax credit-baby element?
  166. working tax credit
  167. Starting new job whilst pregnant, benefit entitlement?
  168. Sure Start materniry grant
  169. Another child tax credit question...
  170. sure start form signature...
  171. CSA help and advice!!
  172. Working during maternity leave...help...
  173. Maternity allowance phone number?
  174. A Bit Confused!
  175. What happens if i dont qualify for Maternity allowance?
  176. maternity pay question
  177. Working Tax Credit Renewal Forms/Jobseekers
  178. After first 9months maternity pay.. please help
  179. Yay I got it!
  180. Moving office
  181. Tax credits
  182. where to send the form for ssmg
  183. does anyone know?
  184. im worried
  185. SMP and not going back to work as moving??
  186. Applying for SSMG form?
  187. Confused about my tax credits
  188. Working tax credit and SMP when self employed
  189. SMP (Sorry, yet another question!)
  190. Right to paid time off for Scans etc - Need some help!
  191. Working with 2 kids
  192. what if...
  193. Returning to work pregnant again
  194. How long to get redundancy payment from NI Fund
  195. Holiday gained whilst on maternity leave
  196. Question re Tax credits
  197. Mat Allowance, Holidays and Fixed term contracts
  198. Can they do this????
  199. what would you do? (swine flu)
  200. ARGH work rant
  201. anybody know ?
  202. Discrimination
  203. References
  204. anyone who claimed child tax credit..
  205. Help with work meeting on Monday
  206. SMP - Please help!!!!!!!
  207. Child Tax Credit Amounts
  208. could anyone tell me (tax credit info)
  209. maternity benifits when moving away from where your job is?
  210. Tax Rebate question
  212. SMP extension?
  213. Strange payment from CTC
  214. Tax Credits - help please
  215. Sure Start Maternity Grant
  216. I really need your advice....please help if u can
  217. Made redundent whilst on maternity leave
  218. Tax Credit Review Team?
  219. maternity allowance.....
  220. For thoes of you who study
  221. do you?
  222. Holidays and Maternity Allowance
  223. worse off working!
  224. who got the surestart maternity grant?
  225. child benefit been paid in today?
  226. I HATE MY JOB!!!!
  227. Maternity Leave for Second Child
  228. HELP! I think im going to get in to trouble!
  229. Receiving benefits when 1 parent is working and 1 is studyin
  230. mummies in hertfordshire!
  231. What Can I Claim?
  232. What does this mean in english LOL
  233. Help Tax Credits
  234. Mat Leave
  235. SMP
  236. Healthy Start vouchers
  237. claiming childcare back
  238. Sure start maternity grant...updated
  239. Tax Credits
  240. working and childcare
  241. Advice would be big help ?
  242. Paternity Pay - Change of employer
  243. *edit* sorry child tax credit
  244. advise please!
  245. Holidays accrued during mat leave
  246. How long did people stay off work....
  247. Do any teachers on here know...
  248. Contractual mat pay & the NHS?
  249. Am I Right in Thinking...
  250. so i wrote to my old work saying i won't be coming back...